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    Triple D (Dungeons, Dolmens and Delves) brought to you by the Amazingly Stupendous Crafting Department! The crafting department is hosting the Triple D Friday nights from 8 PM to 10 PM EST. We will be tackling a random zone each week running around to complete all the Dungeons, Dolmens and Delves we can find. If this zone happens to be in Elsweyr then Dragons are also on the menu and then the event magically transforms into Quadruple D. The goal is to gain some experience, gain some gear and to enjoy each others company. Discord is highly encouraged for all of our social events. I want to emphasize that we go at a relaxed pace to primarily enjoy each other’s company and to reduce stress as much as possible. Everyone has stress in life, and so I've build this event to try to reduce it. This is what the core of social hour is all about. Oh and of course I like to hand out prizes so that could be on the menu as well. Now as an added benefit, any gear obtained while we're chaotically romping around the landscape, can be upgraded for free. We will upgrade armour and weapons to purple and any jewellery to blue. At the end of the event, please send the gear to @Darnavian and I'll upgrade it for you. This gear doesn't have to be level 50 CP160... any level at all as long as you'll equip and use it.
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    Good Evening all. Here is a recent update on the progress of the fleet carriers: Frontier plans to give a pre-recorded stream on Youtube on April 2, at 18:00 (UTC), which will relate al the details about these new carriers. They did give us some details, however. For starters, the cost of these carriers, upon release, is going to be a whopping 5,000,000,000 Cr (I mean, we all saw this comin'). Each carrier will have 16 landing pads The carriers have a new fuel known as Tritium. You can manage your carrier's finance by setting tariffs, adjusting the buying and selling prices of commodities in your Carrier's market (I didn't know it had one...Cool). The carrier has a max jump of 500Ly. You can jump whenever you want, but do note that there is a cooldown, and warmup, with each drive. There will be two betas before the update goes live. The first is for PC only, and begins on April 7th. The next beta, for all platforms, begins in May. These were all pulled from a post on Steam (I basically copy/pasted this). So who's ready to grind out 5 Billion Credits?
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    CONGRATS VORN!!!!!!!! Way to go--you've leveled up and completed another orbit!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday Hatter! ^_^
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    Just to help you out, the events should always show in YOUR preferred time zone, so anytime you look at a calendar event, it should be showing you "your time"
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