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    Another round of Gods! If Rama RSVP's to this event I'll give early bio breaks. Primaries @Katalaw @Sayuri @Aravail @Orig Wrangler @Vehirt @Vorn @Aedi Lanigiro @Rama Alternates @Madhatter5510 @Slyfoxmartin @Cypher @Jed @Hippy
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    Have you ever used Twitch.tv, or watched a Youtube subscriber play a game? This isn't any different, however depending on the overall success of RoH's Lets Play we can designate particular days to particular games, and types of interactive experiences. For example, Saturday can be Saturday Stories where RoH, as a community, votes and I'll or someone else will play, and stream that particular game until we're done for the day. Additionally, if that game has interactive dialogue, or different routes depending on the story, we'll as a group progress. Also, after each session I will gladly share that particular save file so members can continue the story themselves, and I'll keep that save file for whenever that game is voted for again, so we can continue that story. Multiplayer isn't excluded, I simply ask that I have willing participants join me. There can be particular days where you may want to see someone else play a frustrating game like "Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy." For fun we could even time each persons playthrough and see whom lasts the longest and the shortest. Doesn't always need to be the same game, could be something different that'll test your patience each week. I have a multitude of ideas, and would absolutely love if the community of RoH made this a booming success and challenged me to keep it interesting with different ideas. The overall goal of these Let's Plays is immersion between the community. Lets break down our divisional walls and enjoy these games together as a family! FOR NOW we'll schedule this as a bi-weekly event on Saturdays, we'll vote on what game we'll play, and watch together and continue with this. Once this has heavier activity I'll increase it to weekly, and start implementing different weekly sub-events that focus on a particular genre of game, or interactive type. IE: Digital board games, or whatever have you. I'll create voting sessions of a new implementation and am extremely open to ideas. With all this said, if you'd like to help me make this successful by help running this, or whatever, I am always open for the help. RoH itself wasn't made into a great community with just one member, and neither will this.
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