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    Little SU No job, almost out of money and my mental health is a mess. Tomorrow will have 2 or 3 job interviews, so there's that. If you ever saw me deleting my own comments or posts - sorry about that. I overthink stuff:
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    Hi Guys! The pvp team is looking to host a World vs World training session. @Lim @funBox @battleshield. What this will include is focusing on learning movement, WvW phrases, bubble drops and how to maximize your damage against players when we push. If you wish to join please sign up here. I am looking to host this Sunday June 14th at 3PM EST. This will run for approximately 1 hour, just to go over basics. Right after my event funbox will be hosting some spvp for us to go have some fun!
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    Weird...I also use chrome and it works for me. The nano site has been known to have the occasional bug, but I'm glad you got it working on Firefox!
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    I'm going to join in. Been needing encouragement, and would love to be involved. I created an account and project, but can't seem to enter the cabin page. It says "Loading..." but never loads. Am i missing something? PS: My username is mithodris.
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    What is this Camp NaNoWriMo? I'm interested, but not entriely sure what it entails @QuietlyExisting.
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    A camp dedicated to writers? Sounds fun.
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