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    MDPS, and I wanna do optional bosses like Mokan over and over and over again
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    Happy Birthday! May this be your best day & year ever.
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    Howdy. Well, I have started a new book, then put it aside, started another, then put it aside. I've been struggling for months to find my inspiration, but with all that has been happening I've been totally distracted for quite a while. But I'm hoping this latest light to go off in my head might be the one. I found myself wanting to do something with pirates. Not precisely pirates in the traditional sense, but something else. I've spent the last couple of months creating a new world setting for what I am planning to be a new fantasy series. I haven't actually started working on the story as yet. I've been focusing on world creation, background, geography, weather, political systems, factions, etc. And I think I've got something that might turn out to be quite and interesting setting for a series of novels. I've not shared much with anyone yet, only one fellow author who I co-wrote with at one time. But I would love to start getting feedback on what I have created. I have no real title in mind, except for perhaps a series title. I've settled on the series name of "On Ancient Shores". Here is my map.
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