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    See Raid Roster here: Sign-ups are posted every Tuesday of each week. Please sign-up if you'd like to join us! Beginners and vets both welcome. If you are interested in being a sub, just keep an eye out in the #GW2-General chat in the Discord. I'll send out a ping if I need a fill. Thanks! Contact @Pupp on the forums or on Discord (Pupp#1331) if you have any questions.
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    I can bring any dps (ranged or Melee lvl 70ish) or if we need it more I can heal (lvl 60ish) If we do imp side then I can mDps
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    @RedVox @Martini @Galakros @Merredith @Ezoura Howdy, my new motivational buddies It's not much right now, but, here's the link to our Fitness group interest https://discord.gg/W7S4N82 Look at the welcome message when you join in ^_^ Hope we can create something unique together and really stay motivated together! Feel free to spread this out around ROH if you wish :3
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    Getting in shape is like rolling a boulder. The first few steps are the hardest but once you get momentum, it's easier and easier.
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    Let's do it then, RedVox!! Nice to meet you Just let me know when you'd like to message each other on Discord! But also, Martini thought of another great idea! A Private Group Chat Yayyy glad I caught some attention!! Would really love this thing to happen so I can be more motivated everyday We could definitely help each other out and I LOVE your idea of opening a Discord Private Group Chat! Let's not overwhelm the group chat with many people!! My original idea was just a 1-1 motivation buddy to help each other out (And especially help me out since social anxiety and all with groups xD), but a couple people in the group chat will do just fine Really loved this post a lot Galakros, thanks a lot. My mother keeps telling me that (And since I'm so out of shape, joints hurt, chunky etc.) it's good to rest my body after only exercising 3-4 days per week and rest a couple days afterwards and just keep building up like that. Do you think that's good? I'm overweight, not fat but chubby, need to lose like 63 pounds. Really need to work more on the legs, upper body joints can hurt from time to time as well. Just really want to get rid of it all!!! So I made this post hoping to find motivational buddies and happy I caught some of yall's attention
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