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    Ive been away for a while and have been super busy. For those wondering. I got married to the love of my life. Moving south in Japan and still working just as hard. Playing with a long time group of friends and trying to enjoy my time off while I can. If you ever want to contact me. PM me on Discord @ Phoenix#4357
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    It's almost 4 years in RoH. I've been very distant in pretty much everything and barely interacting with people recently - I'm deeply sorry for that, especially before people I appreciate the most here. Speaking of which: Many more to mention, sorry I didn't include everyone. It would be a very long list >.< I'm glad to be part of this big family, where I found such wonderful people.
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    After being in rehab recovering from a small stroke for about 3 months, my grandmas coming home today!!
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    After 6months of chemo, my Mom has officially beaten Cancer (pt2) today!! So grateful to be closing that chapter!
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    I need to get this off my chest, and that is why I am posting it here, and not in any general forum. We, Americans all, should be ashamed, horrified, and angry for what happened yesterday in Washington D.C. I know people are numb to the horrific last couple of years of toxic rhetoric, divisive politics, and touchy topic... but stars above my fellow Americans WAKE UP! BE ANGRY! Our Capitol fell, not to a foreign enemy, not to a smuggled explosive, but to a mob of our own misguided and indoctrinated people. Nero played Twitter, while Rome burned.
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    Good news! *wow, those don't often happen in my SUs* Should be starting to work from Monday/Tuesday. It's post office operator job - nothing special, but after months of people just not giving me a chance it's at least something. Being able to help my parents with debts sounds nice. The day I got a call telling me to bring documents, me being awful at handling anxiety - started having tremors for like 1/3 of the day. Hopefully I won't be kicked out. So, yay
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    After decades of writing everything but Star Wars, I am finally writing a Star Wars novel that I'm actually planning on pitching for publication. It's about a heart-wrenching story of a broken man who, while grieving the death of his family, travels the galaxy looking for answers. His path takes him on an emotional journey during which he discovers ... a force, calling to him. It is a story of anger and pain, during which time we witness the discovery of The Force and the birth of the "JE'DAII".
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    oh hey its been a little over a year since i've joined RoH. p wild; time flies when you're looking back on it. drink some water and stay hydrated
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    Got a new pc... might also download swtor to see how it looks on good graphics.
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    I’m alive, I promise. Still working on getting parts for a functional PC.
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    I draw cat girls for a living now
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    Little SU No job, almost out of money and my mental health is a mess. Tomorrow will have 2 or 3 job interviews, so there's that. If you ever saw me deleting my own comments or posts - sorry about that. I overthink stuff:
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    I have never encountered this in any of my previous guilds, but I've really enjoyed doing some story parts in the GW2 Living Story events with RoH-mies. ^^ It's fun to help people out and FINALLY have a good reason to get some of those extra achievements! Many thanks to @Barandar for his guidance
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    Holy freakin Heck life is stressful these days. Writing hasn't happened in weeks. Feeling overwhelmed. Sirian is gettin upset ! Send pics of happy plz
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    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the best in the New Year, gang! Sirian & family
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    u know how if ur going downhill, u gotta control ur speed or else u just keep getting faster and faster until u faceplant? im waiting for the faceplant of life and like. every time i feel like i get my feet under me, something else happens. although i havent been particularly active in any games lately i am so grateful just to have people around, chatting and carrying on, bc i really need to pretend everything is good and normal and not hyperventilating about where im gonna find 40 bucks for my overdrawn bank account... again. ive always felt listless and directionless and tbh idk how to adult. i feel like its all i can do to keep my head above water but i feel so guilty for having fallen out of the boat in the first place that i'd rather give up. idk man. i just need hugs. and my mom.
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    Well, I completely forgot, but 7 years ago, on September 12th, I joined Remnants, after a life changing surgery and starting SWTOR when it was starting F2P, ever since, I am thankful that I was taken up, I have had many highs (and lows) and many friends have come, and sadly are gone, but I remain. I am sometimes am happy that I did stay here. I know of recent, I have been struggling to get on a MMO, but I know, someday ill join y'all in whatever game I can. Thanks RoH for being a Home and that light at the end of the tunnel for me.
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    Hi! I hope everyone is well during this craziness and finding some way to be safe and sane. Me, a new exciting chapter in the story of my life happened and once it is solid then I will post what it is. Some already know, but most do not know. xD
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    Happy International Asexuality Day! Please add your cake to the pile ~
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    Aint it great how google docs saves edit history so you can really see how little your group members are working on the project due in a few days? We've had a whole dang week off and each of them has only edited it once...guuh
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    Second week in a row of 2 tests in a week and boy howdy would you look at that? It's gunna be like that until spring break! GUUUH
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    Happy New Year from Sirian 'n family!!!
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    Hey RoH! Just wanted to check in on everyone. This has been one crazy year. I hope everyone is safe and healthy! Take care all!
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    #NeedYourFeedback How's my PC building adventure going! Basically, I have two builds, that my PC building friends suggested in my budget, one being without Windows 10 (the advise from a second friend is to pirate it). I don't know, if there's a big down side for that, so help me out and overall judge these two on how it was presented to me. 1) 2)
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    Well been out for a while with a lot of real life going on around me. Short story real life sucks, but things are looking better. I am hoping to come back to the games I missed and the community that I love. I will be playing ESO and SWTOR and look forward to seeing everyone again.
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    Though this year had a lot of painful events for me, some moments of wth, and such. I know everyone here had them as well. I am still grateful for the moments that I had with the people and such. I am grateful that during this time I was able to meet someone who is my first in experiencing what it is like to be in a very mature and loving relationship. Not to mention being grateful that soon I will be able to start working again. Yes, 2020 is one f***** year, but try to remember the joyous parts that did happen even the small moments. That is what I am trying to do to help me get through this year. Love y'all in RoH!
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    I just have to vent somewhere as my poor wife has been having to hear it over and over this week. I teach high school English, and I'm at a school in an area that is not really mask observant. The school where I teach has a population of just over 1300 students. We are requiring students to wear masks but have no way to enforce it; there will be many without masks and others with masks under their chins. My classroom is about 600 sq. ft. with essentially no ventilation. One of my classes is currently 36 students. We just received our finalized teaching assignments today; the first day of school is tomorrow. There is no plan to social distance between class changes. I have to be in a non-ventilated bathroom with students during one assigned class change to remind them to wash their hands. I've been putting in 50 hour weeks with my department this summer to build a remote curriculum, and our superintendent doesn't seem like she will activate it unless we have an alarming outbreak. I could keep going on, but, honestly, I'm just exhausted and we are just getting started. Thanks if you read this far, and thank you to all those who have already been plugging away on the frontlines of this thing since the start.
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    The best feeling ever is meeting the person that is everything you prayed about and having a lot of firsts with the person.
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    2000 points!!!! Thank you!!!!
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    Remembering my Mother and my Father on this Memorial Day. Though they were divorced when I was quite young, they both still managed to be an influence in my life.
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    That moment when spending time with someone dear to you and you still smile about it after.
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    Thank you Grumps for your service and sacrifice.
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    Trial Objectives: (7/9) [x] Join the guild in game. [x] Join Discord. [x] -Link your Discord account with your Forum Account [x] -Sign up for notifications for departments you're interested in [x] Set a forum avatar. [x] Make 10 posts on the forums. These can be replies OR new topics. (10/10) [x] Post an introduction in your application thread. We would love to get to know you better! [x] Read and sign our Rules and Regulations thread. [] Participate in 2 events. [] -A scheduled event OR any activity in game with two other [RoH] members such as fractals, dungeons, map completion. [] -Please take a screenshot of the activity and post to this application. -END-
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    Hello whom ever is reading this. Thanks for doing so! I hope you having a great day!
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    Might have to take a LoA soon depending on how things will turn out due to rl issue.
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    Hey guys! It's been a while I know. I wonder how many of you guys actually remember me.. haha. Anyway I'll be back for just a few days while I'm quarantined. I hope to see you guys around! Okay so some of what I've been doing while I was gone. I've gotten really into Kingdom Hearts. I've beat the 3rd game, almost finished the first (ended up watching the cutscenes of what I haven't finished yet), watched through the cutscenes from 358 and CoM, started on KH2 and BBS Fragmentary Passage. I also pre-ordered Melody of Memory and am currently playing that. I've also been playing a lot of ACNH. I ended up getting my own switch instead of having to share with my sister, and restarted my island because of that. I started focusing a bit more on my yt channel as well, and am almost at 80 subs. I've also been playing a lot of soccer because our coaches decided to have 10 weeks of mandatory offseason practices... yay... Anyway that's basically what I've been doing.
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    Thanks friends for the birthday well wishes!
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    Happy birthday! Have a great day
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    Last Saturday was a great day I had really fun rping with @Kushluk Shimazu @Slazersc @Skywalker17 @Madhatter5510 and many others I think I did well with my character and was a good first rp experience with RoH!
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    hey thanks for all your help with this trial and stuff its been a blast!
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    Eyyyyyyyyy. Happy birthday brother!
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    It's your Birthday!! Have a great day
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    Hi Princess, I finally got my ascended armor finished! got 9 empty infusion slots and will have my weapons for a few more in 3 days (just need the laurels for the recepies) Can you send me some infusions in game when you can? excited to be able to finally try out higher tier fractals and start farming for the guild in earnest
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    Hello! @randstarfire is my husband. ^_^
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    What is going on everybody! Everyone's well and enduring this pandemic, I hope.
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