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    We had a wonderful time at the wedding! check for yourselves!
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    So this is the second try on a gallery to showcase some drawings sketches and crap. The last one bugged out and had to be deleted. Most of the characters drawn here are either inspired by my own in game characters or ones belonging to friends. And yeah... my SWTOR toon Rall is definitely a favorite of mine to draw If ya have any questions or comments as to what type of media/methods/level of insanity it took to make these lemme know... or even if you just want to point and laugh. The whole reason I make this stuff is for both my own enjoyment and maybe others too if they're interested
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    The stuff I draw! Most are WIPs in which I have lost direction lol click on image -> open in new tab to view full image!
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    screenshots from swtor, of which i've taken. many.
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    Sorry, getting screenshots from my Switch is like a whole thing xD
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    - stop me if you heard this, it started out with a few drink down at Nathan's... - then we started fighting each other - and then we started fighting everyone else - I think I passed out in the 'Burns...the hangover is gonna hurt
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    An album in which I dabble horribly at making 3D art as a complete newbie with DAZ Studio.
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    I am an amateur photographer IRL and I also like to take photos in world. I hope you enjoy them!
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    Just some screenshots I took back when I still played the game regularly.
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    Various shots from the past year of playing around with /gpose. And yes, I have a fantasia problem...
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    I'll be posting some of my characters in here
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    - another week and the Remnants Acquisition's crew tries another Button push... - but gets caught in a snatch and grab!
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    - hunting baddies in the Iron Marches with the Remnants Acquisitions crew - lotsa good combat footage, I may re-use some of these for the Watch 6 series - gonna put these up caption less for now, feel free to suggest - part 1 of 2
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    If i'm not gaming i'm painting. Heh, when i'm not here with RoH i'm usually rolling dice or painting up miniatures for friends as well as my own. I do a lot of Table Top War gaming, pretty much play them all.
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    Fan art, commissions, original stuff. Ect ect. I use photoshop elements for digital. For Traditional I use Alcohol Markers, Watercolors, Acrylics, Ink/Inkwash, and pencil. I am a commission art for hire if you'd like a piece done. ^.^
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