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    Hello everyone! I am back at trying to organize things here in LOTRO and that includes this notification thread. It is fairly old, and many of you may want to remove yourselves from it, or possibly add yourselves to it. I also understand that there are a couple different groups on different servers, so I ask the question of whether we would like different notification lists per server? (i.e. a Landroval list vs an Anor list) Let me know your thoughts below with what you would like to do. I thought about clearing the list and starting from scratch, but I figured I'd leave that up to you guys. If there is no opinion either way, I'll probably reset it for a fresh start since it IS a couple years old. Tagging all members of the interest group at this time to give everyone a chance to voice their opinion:
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    Tank: @Merliah Tank: @Kialya Heals: @Slyfoxmartin Heals: @Saal Dps: @Vorn Dps: @Icy Dps: @brazywarlord Dps: @BisonLaFran Backups: @Getius, @hunterhead, @Neo See you all tomorrow!
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    I spent a few bored hours avoiding doing anything productive. This is the result :). It's not all but almost all of our wipes on Revan once we started getting really close. Ty to Aravail for the clear.
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    Tank: @Kialya Tank/dps: @Vorn Heals: @Merliah Heals: @Slyfoxmartin Dps: @Quasited Dps: @theangrywelder Dps: @hunterhead Dps: @BisonLaFran See you all tomorrow! Don't forget that new start time is 9pm est.
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    OMGEEE I'm so happy there's a group for AC! I've played almost every AC created, starting at GameCube. I'm looking forward to sharing my island with you all and seeing everyone elses! I still have a long ways to go but I want to share screenshots as soon as I figure out how lol. Friend code: SW-0720-2030-5261 Residents: Bianca, Nan, Rex, Gayle, Diva, Tex, Shari, Judy, Hamphrey, and Coach Fruit: peaches (town fruit), cherries, oranges, pears, apples, and coconuts. I'M SO EXCITED!!!
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    Remembering my Mother and my Father on this Memorial Day. Though they were divorced when I was quite young, they both still managed to be an influence in my life.
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    That moment when spending time with someone dear to you and you still smile about it after.
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    Since I have been working on getting more involved in the forums as of late I found this (Well Triss actually mentioned it and so I figured I'd check it out). Hello everyone! Much like my name suggests, I'm a generally soft spoken individual. I'm 25 years old. I like long walks on the beach, think April 25th is clearly the best date of the year, men that can make me laugh, and... wait. This isn't eharmony! Wrong 'singles' profile. Oops! .... Sorry, bad jokes run in the family. Anyways, I'm Quietly. It's really nice to meet you all! Currently I'm the Recruitment Officer for GW2 with a wonderful staff of kick-butt assistants making my job super easy, WAY easier that it probably should be. I really do love it though and am excited about all the things we're working on. I'm a born and raise NorCal girl residing in the beautiful Tahoe area with my two year old son. I do like hiking and beaches in a very not ironic, I swear I'm not being basic - vanilla way. Music is my life, it's hard to find a time when I don't have music on in the background. To me it's almost hard to function if I can't listen to something, though what that something is varies greatly. My sisters often question my taste as my playlists will jump from classical to hard core rock to EDM and back to something soft. What can I say? Music is meant to represent all of life and I like to live it as diversely and fully as I can. I haven't been in any serious relationship since things went downhill with my son's father. It's been hard to recover from it but I mean that's a long, boring story so I won't go into it. That was back in 2017, when my son was a few months old, so it's been a pretty hot minute. Now life is just pretty busy so looking for something serious isn't really in my head. Between my two year old (you GW2 folks know he's a handful from the times he's made appearances in the voice chat when he's supposed to be sleeping) and life I'm not even sure I'd have time for it. I think I've gotten to the spot where I don't know what to say about myself anymore. I'm not usually great at introductions or... uh... speaking in general Anyways! It's super nice to meet you all (I said this already). Hopefully we can do some chill stuff together because it is nice to have other people who understand the single life to 'go with the flow' with.
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