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    New Book Cover Hype Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm finally publishing a book I've written from a past NaNoWriMo. Yeah. For realsies! I wrote this novel for the 2019 NaNoWriMo and recently got around to editing it enough to be happy with the final result. Now all that's left is to get things ready to publish it. From what I've heard, marketing a book should start like six months prior to publishing with a bunch of other things to do as well. I'm planning to publish it as an e-book so I'm not sure how it'll go. But hey: it'll go!
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    9.1 mbs of pure chonk.
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    @Merliah @Slyfoxmartin @Katalaw @Jae Onasi @Vorn @Frarry @hunterhead Cancelling tonight as we simply have too many people out.
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    Well been out for a while with a lot of real life going on around me. Short story real life sucks, but things are looking better. I am hoping to come back to the games I missed and the community that I love. I will be playing ESO and SWTOR and look forward to seeing everyone again.
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    I had an idea for some community events around fitness. I have a few friends who teach fitness (krav maga, yoga, and Bollywood dance) who might be willing to give us an introductory class on Discord. That would give people an opportunity for people to check out the fitness mode for free without having to go to a class. Would there be interest in something like that?
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    I'm down. I'm tired of running and my home gym. I need some diversity. Yoga is something I've definitely been interested in.
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    Going to get one final night of raiding in before I have to pack up the computer.
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    I know a quite a few of us do not have all the datacrons yet!
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