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    9.1 mbs of pure chonk.
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    I had an idea for some community events around fitness. I have a few friends who teach fitness (krav maga, yoga, and Bollywood dance) who might be willing to give us an introductory class on Discord. That would give people an opportunity for people to check out the fitness mode for free without having to go to a class. Would there be interest in something like that?
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    I'm down. I'm tired of running and my home gym. I need some diversity. Yoga is something I've definitely been interested in.
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    Preferred Name: MrLovaLova (Lova) Age: 30 Preferred Pronoun: he Time Zone: EST Character Class: DK Game you will be playing with Remnants of Hope: WOW Official username for that game: MrLovaLova#11712 1. Have you read the Code of Conduct and do you agree to follow it? Yes 2. How did you hear about The Remnants of Hope? If a member invited you please let us know who. Bnet Forums 3. If you could travel to any time or place where would it be? Back to Granada, Spain. (where i was born) In the late 1980s to hang out with my uncle who raised me to see how he was before kids. 4. Upon joining Remnants of Hope you are expected to maintain a mature and friendly demeanor to everyone in game. What does maturity mean to you and do you feel that you can remain civil even with the nastiest players in the game? Players each play and have fun different ways. To me there is no right or wrong way to play. Its easy to remain civil when you know that you are engaging with another person behind the screen. 5. If you could have any superpower what would it be and why? The ability to sleep for 8 uninterrupted hours every night. 6. Have you been in other guilds before; on this game or any others? If so,what was your favorite and least favorite things about them? I have on my last server, The best thing was how close everyone was in aspects outside of the game. Worst was lack of recruiting guild died a very slow painful death. 7. What five adjectives, and 5 only, would you use to describe yourself? Light-hearted, Funny, Competitive, thick-skinned, Chill 8. Have you ever held a leadership position in a gaming community? Would this be something you are interested in in the future? I have been an Officer in previous guilds and raid lead several times. Its not something im looking for but would consider any situation. 9. What are your favorite and least favorite sounds? Favorite: Piano. Least: Anything very high pitched. 10. What are your personal strengths and weaknesses as a person (not in game)? Strengths are that i like to learn more in pretty much all aspects of life. Weakness: Sometimes i joke too much trying to cheer people up or lighten the mood. 11. Remnants of Hope houses players that enjoy all aspects of the game, Crafting, PVE, PVP, RP and Social. Which do you enjoy the most, and why? I am currently enjoying PvP most as commitment to strict raid schedule is tough at the moment. Pvp is great because of quicker progression in small bursts and its very competitive. 12. The servers are closing down in 24 hours permanently. How would you like to spend the last bit of time in game? Just vibing out in grizzly hills listening to the music. 13. What other games have you played and what did you like about them? Any games you are excitedly waiting for? Soo many different RPGs, destiny, final fantasy, witcher etc. Definitely looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077 soon. The wait is killing me. 14. If you could be any animal (fantasy ones included) which would you be and why? A basic wolf. Wolves are powerful on their own but are loyal and strongest in their pack. 15. RoH utilizes Discord for VoIP. Are you willing to use this platform, based on the needs of the activity you're interested in? yes 16. Are you on the servers we currently play on and are you planning on transferring to join us? Currently on server.
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    Happy Belated Birthday Ocean, hope it was a good one!! Sorry I missed it... next time, have it on Thanksgiving day again and I’ll remember.
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    Either mode is fine, but VM would allow us to clear more FPs quicker. Would like to Tank but could melee DPS>heal if necessary. Thank you for organizing this @Dalivandrian Sorry for the late minute change, I have a phone meeting with someone in Alaska (3 hours behind my time zone) starting around the same time as the FP run. Going to have to skip this time, but would look towards another event. Have a good one.
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    I know a quite a few of us do not have all the datacrons yet!
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    One of these days, I'm going to surprise everyone by saying "tank" or "heals"... But today is not that day. rDPS
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    Happy Birthday Sorry I didnt notice during the Revan Pulls
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    Happy Birthday @Ocean - I hope it was a good one
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    Good gosh, there is a lot to do as a trial member, but I'll do my best! Thanks again for having me here!
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    I am running Soulwrest Phantasms. Using Cyclone with cast on channeling to use desecrate and flesh offering to spawn and consume corpses. The devouring diadem to heal me and also consume corpses. I have twenty little ghosts, an animate guardian, 3 buffing spectres, and a golem. The build converts 75% of my damage to cold. It is super strong especially against bosses.
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    @Cora Nilu it's okay, i'll do one next week
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