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    Ive been away for a while and have been super busy. For those wondering. I got married to the love of my life. Moving south in Japan and still working just as hard. Playing with a long time group of friends and trying to enjoy my time off while I can. If you ever want to contact me. PM me on Discord @ Phoenix#4357
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    It's almost 4 years in RoH. I've been very distant in pretty much everything and barely interacting with people recently - I'm deeply sorry for that, especially before people I appreciate the most here. Speaking of which: Many more to mention, sorry I didn't include everyone. It would be a very long list >.< I'm glad to be part of this big family, where I found such wonderful people.
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    After being in rehab recovering from a small stroke for about 3 months, my grandmas coming home today!!
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    After 6months of chemo, my Mom has officially beaten Cancer (pt2) today!! So grateful to be closing that chapter!
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