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  2. Hello all, I just wanted to make a thread with some basic guild information. What benefits we get from a guild and what guild activities are at the basic level. Guilds have a guild currency, Bloodstones, these are distributed automatically every week. The amount per person is based on participation and contribution points. These points are gained by joining the Guild activities. Guilds have a shop that is unique, with items you can only get in a guild shop with Bloodstones . The items range from consumables, gear chests and upgrade mats. Guilds have three main activities available GvE, GvG and Guild Quests. The rewards for these activities are guild participation and contribution points that affect the Guild currency you receive each week. Weekly Guild Quests - these are small quests that get set once a week, the player accepts the quest and completes it as they play, from what I've seen these are quests range from basic kill x enemies or gather x life skill materials, up to completing certain dungeons or killing certain bosses. These can be picked by the guild leader so we can chose what we are more interested in doing each week. Guild vs Environment - GvE is a timed boss raid, there is an island we would go to, run the "dungeon" island and kill a boss. This is timed and faster we do it the higher the placing and rewards. Guild vs Guild - GvG is also an island you go and fight through the island creatures and the opposing team though there are a few game modes to change it up some. Doing these will gain the participation and contribution points. The last main thing is Guild Research, this is a way to improve the guild. We spend guild crystals to research better guild skills, better guild quests to pick from, and upgrades the shop to give access to better items. Post any questions or additional information about Lost Ark Guilds. With the restrictions on the Guild member amount we ask that ALL guildmates log in to play at least once every 5 days otherwise then we will need to remove you to make room for people who will be active and contribute. With the way the guild has to level, even someone's Alt that contributes would help more. Please be active, we understand if you have any issues that keep you from playing, if that's the case let me, @Cennyr, @Trev or @Vainhope know, you will be removed but we can work something out to make sure you can get back in as soon as a spot opens again.
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  3. Hello all, @Cennyr and I have been doing a lot of research on Lost Ark systems and guides. I want everyone to play at their own pace and not be rushed, I also want everyone to have access to resources to help your journey through Arkesia. I'm going to put a few guides here with notes, most guides will also have a section with more guides that may go deeper into whatever system you are interested in. Google Doc Guides - Good tables of contents to find information The Lost Ark Compendium by Fintusius - This Compendium (GDoc) has the basic information on EVERYTHING Lost Ark, but as I said, basic information. He has a few good links to other guides or Youtube videos that go deeper. One of them is below, a good guide on it's own too. Saintone's Lost Ark Launch Systems - this is a Google Doc with information about all the different systems in Lost Ark and tips, a little "number crunchy" in some spots but some very nice tips to save time and what to focus on in some of the more "non-critical" systems like Rapport and Cards. Saintone's Lost Ark in depth guide - this guide (GDoc) goes deeper into a lot of the systems, good table of contents to find what you are looking for. Here is a list of good YouTuber channels that have information on Builds, Systems, or general Lost Ark knowledge Most of these YouTubers also stream if you are into that too. Saintone - my main resource, does great guides HiImFox - General Knowledge and Class information KanonXO - General Knowledge, Class information, more PvP focused sometimes Wilky - Very PvE focused, Dungeons, Systems, General Sywo - General Knowledge, a lot of Lost Ark "news", will be making guides soon T-Party - more Raid information focused but a little of everything also Kanima - a lot of Raid and Dungeon information I will add more on any recommendations, I'm sure I missed a few. I didn't post any new content creators, you all probably have your own favorites, these are resources that have years of experience, not just jumping on the train. Lastly these are good Websites with information Papunika - Maps, Guides, Collectable information Lost Ark Codex - EVERYTHING, I haven't gotten to deep into this one yet Lost Ark Hub - little of everything also Lost Arkive - a lot of systems guides and general information Maxroll - a lot of class builds and class guides Feel free to post any good resources and I can add them, nice one stop shop of information
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