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  1. Happy Birthday.  I hope the day brings you much love and friendship.

  2. Happy birthday to my favorite Asuran! 

    1. Nayaha


      Aww..shucks. Thank you, bud! :D

  3. Do I see a Nayaha lurking around the forums?! :ABON:

    1. Nayaha


      I believe so....shh. It's a secret:D

  4. Nayaha (RequiemMachine) - Bot Lane (marksman) New to LoL.....lol.
  5. Bobbleheadicus Lupicus vs Bobbleheads of Hope - http://youtu.be/1k_t3iQhSdo

    1. Tayte


      Add some music, and here is our new recruitment video!!

    2. Guest


      I make stupid jokes when I'm tired, lol

  6. Corgultonaians, yuv'oe raed my copelolmety menigalenss mesasge!

    1. Jaan'weyn


      Corgults to you too!

    2. Guest


      No this is patrick.

  7. I sang some songs....heard some beautiful voices...killed a giant marionette and severed jungle wurm head. It was a good night!

  8. Walked into the DMV this morning. It was empty and the three ladies there all turn to look my direction, in unison before saying how May we help you. I don't know what was creepier...the Kubrick Horror movie moment above or the fact that it only took 10 minutes to renew my license...

  9. Whoa... I just slept all day. :( at least I'm rested!

    1. Guest


      You needed it then! =) You'll be recharged and ready to have a good week without any crashes or fatigue. Happens to the best of us!

    2. Nayaha
  10. Next week = a much needed staycation for Naya....most of which will be spent in Tyria :D

  11. The Wintersday Jumping Puzzle is the bane of my existence! Lol. Only 1 achieve left for Wintersday Meta...and what is today's Event daily? "Complete Wintersday Jumping Puzzle." ?! Tixx, you Fiend!

  12. Ahh! Come home to a cable outage...No! I can't survive on 3G! They!'really apparently working on i :/

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