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  1. SO, I switched the graphic card... it seem all the issues i had was cuz of the Graphic card i was given. Oh well....Guess il start saving for a new PC if i wanna play High end games!  


    Thank you again to everyone who helped me get this fixed without me going to LoA!!! XD  <3

  2. UPDATE:  my pc wont start up at all. It just goes black, idk what else to do anymore here, i may have to buy a new pc

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    2. Aedi Lanigiro

      Aedi Lanigiro

      Can you start a topic on this in General? We had lots of people help out when we had our PC problems. Just let us know about the history of the problem and your suspicions 

    3. Jaark


      I think i may do just that if this gets worse, ATM, I just changed the GPU from the one i was given by a remnant, to my old one. If this keeps going after this i may just post in general.


    4. Aedi Lanigiro
  3. Sooo....i must ask this again cuz someone said its a video card thing but idk if its a grave threat or small: My games (WoW and SWTOR) have been freezing and at times doing flickering lights and even turning black screen. Is it something i should be worried of?

    1. kiwiSpecial


      I would check to make sure your GPU drivers are up to date. That would be my first guess. Good luck!

  4. I know im late to this but Happy bday Merliah, I hope u always have a good day, also stay lazy.....i mean classy

  5. I want to get back into art and drawing, but I am sloppy, anyone know a good way to get back into drawing? :(   I hope to get back into it someday!

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    2. Jaark


      :P Sounds good, I will find him. Somehow.

    3. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      Wha..? @Neo, yeah, asking inconsistent artist from Tumblr sounds like a great idea. >.> 
      *looks at the date of the last drawing posted on Tubmlr* 
      January 6th... I better start doing something productive with that. 9.6 
      - Inspire yourself
      It fades fast, but still it works for many-many people. Especially casual artists. Look at other people's work, search YouTube on 'How to', listen to favorite or new music, dive into something new.  Most importantly, don't look at other stuff and see it, as 'I'll never draw something like that'. Take it was something exciting, what makes your imagination run wild, by taking little notes in the head. 
      - Don't be discouraged, by not being good or even the same after a break
      It takes time to get back into shape. Practise, and if you really want to be back and grow, try drawing anything in your sketchbook everyday. 
      - Don't be afraid of mistakes.
      - Just start doing it
      I'm not sure, what more to add here. I could go on, but it won't be about starting again. More about how to sustain,that itch to draw.  :P
      Hope, it helps at least a little! Blame Neo, if it doesn't  ^-^

    4. Daliluin


      I like Hellary's response! I also want to get back into drawing. It stinks though when you become seriously inspired to draw something and not have the skills to do it justice.



  6. Happy Late Bday Kialya :) 

    1. Kialya


      Thank you @Jaark. The Seawitch won't turn you into a pig this time....lol.

  7. Tips and Tricks.

    So....I heard from some members they want those tips and tricks, well Im going to be giving as much as I can for PvE on this topic (I got pvp ones too...but lets not get to ahead of ourselves first guardians) First are basic ones for classes and sub classes... Hunter Nightstalker - I pointed this out one night to someone but this one is a nice tip: The top cluster for this sub-class (Way of the Trapper) which gives a enhanced radar and such (The perk is Keen Scout). Well... did u know that while it does give u such a nice radar it can also show Planet resources and Chests? Yup, u hear right! It really helps for those Patrol nights that u wanna find a lot of chests and resources. Gunslinger - This is one I really like but, some people prefer the top Gunslinger tree (Where you get Six shots in your Golden gun but it goes out quicker) but, if u look at the bottom tree... Way of the Sharpshooter gives u the ability to actually do Crit damage with your golden gun ( You Normally cannot do crits on Golden gun at all) So...you can hit a bit harder....Also while doing so, u can actually get 2 Big Orbs of light for Each Crit ( Up to 3 crits...so 6 Orbs). - You can also pair the bottom cluster with a Exotic Helmet that some say its not worth using (Celestial Nighthawk) Which basically makes you only do ONE Golden shot....but it does like x3 or x6 Damage from a normal shot and the baddies when shot get blown up, u basically Shoot the crit spot on the baddie with this set up and watch a big chunk of HP fly away from baddies... Arc Strider. - If you practice this spec you can do some wicked stuff....but one thing I suggest pairing together here is the following: Way of the Warrior Cluster + Gamblers Dodge. This cluster basically makes your melee mad fun and when u kill something with a Melee...your dodge comes back, but with Gamblers Dodge....you get back Melee when u dodge near a baddie. Now Pair both of that together and...yeah its a simple one to figure out... Titan Sent. Titans can be a really good support role if u know about my favorite skill the Bubble...or Ward of Dawn. Basically the Ward gives 2 Orbs and helps cover a certain spot where u place it....i personally love them because I had a close friend who always played the Titan Defender (Which is the Old Sent class but u only had Ward of dawn) in which he was the master of the bubble. IF you decide to try this (Which I say u should) its the Top Cluster of Sent titans. Remeber the bubble gives you Armor and if u read the perks on the cluster you will find good points that will help you stay in there more... Warlocks. Stromcaller is a great way to clear adds, if you pick ether ( idk much about the Caller due to being more of a Voidwalker fan) but do note that one cluster has the ability that when u place a rift and step in it, you get a little Turret Orb where it shoots Arc fire. Great for more firepower and...well....covering you. Dawnblade is also a good class if you know it well, but now here is where I go Biased... Voidwalker....just pick the Attunment of Hunger and consume your nade to get HP back = Beast.... (No Joke...Do it if you wanna be a Voidwalker) Misc. Tips. -Save 5 Scout Rifles for later (Blue or Purples) so you can basically do the Multi Tool quest which gives u the Exotic, Mida Multi-Tool...which is a great Scout...which ties to the next point. - Learn your weapons, each class of weapons has roles..Scout rifles in my opinion are great for PvE and can be a good gun for PVP (I personally love em) but u can pair it with a Hand cannon which will cover your close range fights and medium range too. -Suros Shotguns are very Special Brand shotguns because they fire a Single Slug...which if u never played Destiny 1 , there was only ONE who could do this...which was a Exotic. So its nice that they did this...and also there are other guns that Mimic like old exoitcs... Like two fusion rifles which if u ever heard of the D1 Exotic, Plan C, mimics that where you switched to the fusion rifle, it can charge super fast and fire away... The skill name in Destiny 2 is named BackUp Plan. (I highly recommend these fusion rifles if you cant find a good shotgun u like.) The two FR names of the gun are Critical Sass and Shock and Awe.....GL finding them! Thats all I can think of atm.... if u think this was helpful let me know... but for now have a great day Guardians and Good Luck out there.
  8. What's this new profile picture... XD



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    2. Neo


      OH, I thought that was just some random guy. xD

    3. Jaark


      @Neo your saying you never seen me?!

    4. Neo
  9. Happy Burrhday Jaark!



  10. Happy Birthday!!

  11. Happy Birthday Doc!


     May the light embrace you, and may the force always be with you! :) 

  12. Happy Birthday, Jaark! 
    I hope, you'll have a wonderful day.  ^-^

  13. Happy Birthday 

  14. I wish you can rename your PSN account... ._.

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    2. Jaark


      No bro... q.q....your funny tho.

    3. Neo


      Thank you :) 

    4. joshhamm


      nah the psn name is JaarkThetrueremnant :) lol

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