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  1. Hi @Rellik I am bob.... I mean Mike,.... WAIT I MENT ZERO.....DARN IT, I MENT JAARK....
  2. *Flips a table and shouts at @Triss* DILLY DILLY, I SHALL RIOT FOR NO REASON.
  3. Hello again, I will be honest, I personally did not write a introduction here and...I think I will use this as an excuse to do so!! So, My name is Mike...some call me Zero, its my old alias, I am 27, but I have not been in any relationships since, 2014? I will be honest, I cannot even remember!! I must be doing it right! Anyway, the last relationship I had was not one of the best, and truth to be told, it lead me to a very deep depression,have trust issues and doubt myself... BUT HEY LETS NOT TALK ALL GLOOM AND DOOM!! Nah, NOT IN HERE!!! A little about me, I am a huge nerd/geek... I basically love all sorts of activities, not just Video games, but books, movies, writing, Airsoft. I am also a Uncle to two...Also...some probably seen my little dog that I cherish deeply....( Her name is Bella, just ask on Discord, and i would probably spam pictures...) and biggest thing about me is, that I am a total goof!! I just am that silly sadly, but I can be a good listener to friends and love ones when they need someone to help. Some say I can be off wild, but hey, idk...it could be my autism or something. But, I just care deeply for friends and dear loved ones, also guildies! If I did not get something you wanted to know about me, just ask away in a pm...or blast me on discord! I love chatting! please. I lonely!! Anyway, Idk what else to say...seriously, I was never good about talking of myself...
  4. Found someone? THIS IS MADNESS! But Congratz @T'riss
  5. Also, if you are no stranger to raids, sound off! I want to know, if you got what it takes to sherpa, or even lead remnants into the darkness and win!
  6. Hey everyone! I know we are still growing and all, but I got some questions thrown at me and I am actually wanting to know... who wants events? By events, I mean many things: Raids, Gambit,Crucible,Nightfall, etc. I personally want to set one up for this weekend!! We can try our hand on the first Raid that was released! So what ya say?! Let me know! I can set up a time by end of today. Also, for the people who know this weekend is the return of Trials, it is okay, our time will come later....because im still grinding for guns. So, with that being said, I hope to see some feedback!
  7. Hey guys, I came to ask if anyone still plays Division 2 on PC still. I just got back into it on PS4, and finally got to 30, and went through the rank up for WT5, but Im a solo player sadly on PS4 (No friends on my PS4 list plays). Than I thought about asking here some days ago, and now I am here since tomorrow (2/11/2020) There is news of a big expansion to the game and even Episode 3 hype. So, I hope to know soon...if not its okay! But yeah.... Just asking lol. IF someone is on PS4 and wants to add me for Division 2 though, let me know! Name is same as Discord (RoguishZero) I hope to see you agents out there!
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    Happy Late Bday wishes @Neo  

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  9. Happy Halloween Remnants!  Please have a safe night...and steal all the Milkyways and send em to me! ILL CHECK EM FOR YA!!

  10. Happy Birthday @Chelly :)  may you have a wonderful day.

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  11. Hello Guardian, I just wanted to first state tysm for coming and reading the guide! I Know the first one was meh, but I totally thought on it and did a revamp. So, for this guide, I will posting useful links, and resources that you as a player can use to help yourself if your ever in a pinch! Be mindful that there is many, and I do many guides and videos! So...I will be just posting things where you may want to vist if you need help finding a certain item (Ig. a Hand cannon with such perk on it!) or even a place to find the latest news and info! So without further talking, here are the list I use myself! If you or someone you know uses some Destiny sites that are also helpful, hey be free to post em up! *SITES* https://www.bungie.net/ - Destiny main site, it has a lot. From clan page, to fourms, and the weekly TWAB (This Week at Bungie) post which is every Thursday and covers the ins and out of whats coming, or whats new in Destiny, and talks of fixes and patches. A LOT of info can be found here, even a LFG System!! https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/ - Destiny reddit has many thing from helpful, to even some humor, but there is always guide posted from players here, and sub reddits, like Destiny Raid Secrets and even PVP Reddit! https://www.light.gg/ - Light.gg is a website where I use mostly to research weapon rolls! It can help you discover your next favorite weapon to grind for! They have a lot in there databases! https://menagerie-calculator.now.sh/ - This Calculator is mostly for the Menagerie. Just plug in the runes and see what you get! Thats what I mostly use on the top of my head! If more comes into mind, I will be sure to plug them into the list! Side Note: There is also plenty of youtubers who I would suggest looking into or even following! The list is endless, but if you want some of my recommends, I can give you some! (Which if someone does ask, I must do it in a other post...)
  12. Happy Bday @Matatomi! 😛 have a great one!

  13. Hello everyone and welcome to this proposal I am doing for a clan in Destiny! I will be honest, I couldn't find the right words for this, but let me make this clear, it would be wonderful to have a division for Destiny, but I do not think this will grow to some crazy amount. So, this is to be honest, this is more of a semi open group for us. Yes, Remnants can easily come and join in but for a division to work, we need people! So, I hope I can find some sort of middle ground for this to work somehow. With the small disclaimer out of the way... lets get down to chat shall we? "We called it The Traveler, and its arrival changed us forever. Great cities were built on Mars and Venus. Mercury became a garden world. Human lifespan tripled. It was a time of miracles. We stared out at the galaxy and knew that it was our destiny to walk in the light of the other stars--but The Traveler had an enemy. A Darkness, which had hunted it for eons across the black gulfs of space. Centuries after our Golden Age began, this Darkness found us and that was the end of everything. But it was also a beginning..." Destiny Intro Opening - 2014 What is Destiny? From the makers who brought us Halo 1-3 and ODST and Reach, Destiny is at its core a action MMO FPS. While yes we have many things that will keep us in awe, from lore which has such great stories and characters, the main goal of Destiny as a MMO? LOOT! LOOT! AND MORE LOOT! Yes, this game is basically if Diablo became a FPS and instead of sticking to fantasy, we got space magic and a tons of guns! Destiny released on Sept. 9th in 2014 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PS4 and Xbox One, but after a year, in 2015 the game stayed on PS4 and Xbox One. The original Destiny ran for 3 years and quite a number of expansions that expanded upon the world of Destiny. From seeing how the Iron Lords, the first guardians fell many years before us and how the last Iron lord himself Lord Saladin prepares us every month in a event that is known to all fans as the Iron Banner, to invading the moon to stop a god named Crota, and slay him with his own weapon that killed many others, to even gaining the attention of Crota's father: Oryx, The Taken King, who was hellbent on taking worlds and killing us, the people who slayed his son. Many adventures were shared in the first destiny, and many friendly faces as well gain our hearts and laughs through the course. Now, comes Destiny 2. Where we are right now with this universe. Released in Sept. 6th 2017, for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC under the B.net launcher ( Well soon its going to be Steam..I will explain). While yes, Destiny 2 ditched all of our old gear and weapons for a fresh new start, we gained many positive things in return. I won't say any stories or anything lore wise for D2, because while yes we are close to Year 3 of this game, its a easy to get caught up! Destiny Actives and things to do... Well, now that I explained about where we at with Destiny and its setting, you are going to probably ask "What is there to do??" Good thing I got you there didn't I?? Here is the answer: For those who rather do PvE: Story content, Patrols, Dungeons runs (or Strikes like they are called) and Raids! For those who are more up at arms for some PvP Crucible awaits you! We also have this mode that is a mix up of PvE/PvP Co-Op all mixed into one! It's called Gambit, Oh your gonna love it! While yes this narrows a lot of the actives insides Destiny, most of the times, there is plenty of things to do. What can Destiny bring to Remnants of Hope? Well, I know I wrote that I am not going to try to hard on pushing this clan into a division of sorts, but I bet some would ask, "What can this game bring to us that our other Divisions cannot?" Well, I am very happy you may have thought or even asked! When I started playing Destiny way back then, I personally did not think of anything remotely of "I may need some sort of clan backup" or anything of that sort. Well, I was wrong. When the game first came out, we actually had a former member of our guild actually try to suggest we make a official division! I, again thought it was awesome if I can play with other memebers, and all, but I did not think I was going to need help, or backup. The TL;DR of this story? Well, I quickly learned through sometime that certain missions may need help. Also, for Raiding, you need to actually have 6 people together, listening, and working together. So how does RoH can be inserted here? Well, first off, many people I have met in the years of Destiny, was not even close to what we have here! While, yes there is clans that are basically in a way RoH, and are in the world of Destiny, not many join these clans. Why? Well, many people actually stick to small groups of friends and such. Its like how most MMORPG guilds are as well, small and are not well coordinated. Which is sad. Also, its even worse scenario, this means most or some endgame stuff like Raids, are not even touched by most people ( I am actually am in this group of people) because while yes I can go out of my way, to go out, find some people in a LFG site, or something to get a group and raid. Most of them will quit, right when the things get going! Heck, even some people will be greedy and actually deny people. I personally think Remnants of Hope would be one of those clans that can benefit for a lot if they join, because we are going to actually go and do the raid with a calm mind, and not get elitist on someone due to maybe something silly. Also, if you think Clans only benefit with Raids, thats not true! At the moment, we may not have this mode, but in Destiny 1, we had a PvP mode that only happen every weekend named Trials of Osris. Where the goal was to get a ticket to the lighthouse that sits right outside of Mercury, and you will win riches of wild levels! Well, how you get there? Simple, you must fill that ticket you got with seven straight wins. I bet, you are saying, "seven wins? alright! easy!" The PvP mode you had to play to advance was Elimination matches. Oh, by the way, if you get three loses, you must start from square one. Sadly, this was also another thing I could never do with groups, because I had none, and the same for raid applies here. With all this stated, you can see why I would love to see Remnants take a shot at a Clan in Destiny. The rules of this guild can shape the clan to be a great place to be. It be something that would brighten my day tbh to help someone who cannot do a raid, and we as a clan bring him in and help the person out. To sum it up on this part, it feels like a win/win for all. Game Cost and Expansions. This is now the part where I hope people made it this far and ask "How much??" Well, sir, or mam. you came at the right time! Destiny 2 is going Free to Play (F2P) next week on Steam!!! Which, yes, Bungie the makers of Destiny did a split with the company of Activision and thats why the game is moving from Blizzard app, to Steam. Now, you may ask, what about expansions?? Do I need them all or something?! Well, the answer is no. Destiny now is trying a new model, which you can purchase the expansion de la carte. Basically, you can pick and chose which expansion you really want to buy, and if you do want to buy say expansion, you can buy that one thing of it. I kinda suck explaining this one part, so If I can explain this better later on I will come back and edit and fix this part up! But that is the truth! Also, while yes the game is going F2P that means the Base game and the first expansions ( Curse of Osris and Warmind) are free. Also, yes, they will in time stick certain expansions and stuff into F2P area as well. But, for those who actually want to dive in and buy the new expansion. Here is a link for you to see the prices ( its 34.99 ) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1085660/Destiny_2/ In Conclusion... If you are in anyway shape or form wondering about Destiny, or ever wanted to see what is up with it, I think now is the best time to jump in! Also, while yes, this whole thing is to inform you of what is what, I wrote this, to hopefully inspire some to maybe try the game, or join the clan! I hope this sheds some light into everything and I hope I did my best to help out. Please, if you have any questions or concerns please just send me a message here on the forums, or even on discord! I think that wraps about up this very long draft... I will see you all star side. . . (Or maybe after a long snooze) Thank you!
  14. Welcome to the Remnants! Here is the link to find us: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=1016472 I know, you are probably going to ask "wait how do I get in?" Simple, First, just click that join button, and than proceed to contact me or someone who can get you into the clan, also while doing this please send a message through the forums ( This forum...like RoH!) and just on that message your username on Bungie.net! If any question just ask me! I will see you all star side!
  15. Happy Birthday @Hippy !  :) Hope you have a good one man.


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