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  1. Jaark

    Strike Team Alpha - FUN WEEK!


    Yes I did! I am updating now!
  2. Jaark

    FC Leader Election Applications.

    Whoever linked me here, must be crazy. GL to all who applies
  3. Jaark

    FFXIV Community Meeting

    I shall come... I hope!
  4. Hey guys, I am getting into PC gaming more than I thought I would due to the GPU upgrade I did..


    Now.. >_> What games I should try on PC?  I am actually enjoying Destiny 2 a lot on PC..


    But other than that. . . Happy New Years Remnants! ❤️

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    2. Kamillus


      Iwould suggest "Smite" from the High Rez studios , "The lord of the rings online" is a great MMO , and if you find the occasional ubisoft giveaways, Assasin Creed on PC is a totally different experience.

      Dragon Age, Mass Efect and The witcher are completely different on PC and show true potential when played

    3. Jaark


      I thankfully have Mass Effect 1-3 and DA:I  


       I got Witcher 3 on PS4...but idk about Smite....not a big MOBA guy... or should I say, never got into MOBAs ( I kinda dig Heroes of the Storm... #RIP)

    4. Kamillus
  5. Jaark

    A found Farewell....

    I just got on to see this, and I felt like this may happen...sigh. ._. I hate when my feelings turn true somehow... its like, I predicted it!
  6. Hey guys, I have been hearing some people want to play Destiny on PC.. well good news is atm Im fixing up the clan and may try to bring back the clan to some sort of active style! If you want to join us here is the link to not only the Clan page but also a chat i made for Bnet. Bungie Clan site: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=1016472 B.net Group: https://blizzard.com/invite/9bNKLxzT3MA I hope I can actually go with this plan and maybe try bringing it up to something worth writing home about. Into than, good hunting out there Guardians! EDIT: Clan Purging to aim for PC I am cleaning the roster to have only PC players. I may actually have to dig on who is who but for now...please be patient.
  7. Soo, sad news!


     I cannot sub anymore to WoW and FFXIV (well I couldnt in the first place)


    For WoW, I will be pulling out my dudes as soon as I can so you guys can have space! (Unless im not there anymore...)


    For FFXIV....Dont kick me :(



    Happy Holidays from this Jaark!

  8. So I finally started KOTFE story line on SWTOR and I was starting where I left off...Chapter IX.


    Well..something happened.


    I finally was able to romance a companion...and after accepting it and seeing the love happen....

    Star Wars  The Old Republic Screenshot 2018.12.17 -


    This was me AFTER 


    Star Wars  The Old Republic Screenshot 2018.12.17 -

  9. Jaark

    Best site to buy game?

    Yeah i maybe late, but tbh it does not matter where u get it. Tbh i got mine from psn, cuz i am playing ffxiv on a ps4. I liked tho the psn store had the collection ed stuff there bundled in but yeah idk bout steam and all
  10. Jaark

    Happy Birthday @Neo !


    I hope you have a fun day and all and most importantly have a.....(Sees you turned 0 )

    ..... Im not even gonna ask! 

    1. Neo


      Unfortunately, I've caught a cold but it hasn't been a bad day! Thanks Jaark! 


      And it's best not to question the age. :D 

    2. Jaark


      Yeah, thats always the best thing to do...   But oh well!

  11. Okay, so... this is odd to ask here, but I just want to ask something, but idk how to ask...but...


     What is a good or simple way to start doing something like Youtube?  


    I ask, because I always wished to do something like streaming or Youtube, but I never thought of it...even when friends told me that I can probably pull it off...and when I did wanted to do things like streaming on twitch, I just flat out didnt proceed with it..


    Whats a good way to start?  Im basically at  0   I will take any form of advice!    


    Thanks in advance for those who are reading ❤️

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    2. Tzunamis


      For Twitch, simplest wat is to just get SLOBS. https://streamlabs.com/ Setup an account, link all the stuff together, make it look pretty how you want and press Go Live......easy as that for the basics.

    3. Jaark


      Whelp, I always wanted to do the Twitch stuff...too bad this cant work for PS4 I bet...BUT HEY IM SOLD! Thanks @Tzunamis   I just wish I can do some sort of hobby... like gaming aint just cutting it :<

    4. Ghost_Wolf


      I created a whole thing on streaming on the forums. 

  12. I got invited! Thanks @Don't Touch ! For all who wanna know who I am...it is Mikko Black!
  13. Jaark

    Akatsuki Rose, The Healer

    Nice Bio @witchbolts :3 plus she looks so cute. I hope to see everyone in game for FFXIV!
  14. I got the full game Monday but have not been able to get on... DX I hope later in the day I will be on FFXIV..

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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