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  1. Yeah I set up the short msg! XD
  2. I got invited! Thanks @Don't Touch ! For all who wanna know who I am...it is Mikko Black!
  3. Jaark

    Akatsuki Rose, The Healer

    Nice Bio @witchbolts :3 plus she looks so cute. I hope to see everyone in game for FFXIV!
  4. I got the full game Monday but have not been able to get on... DX I hope later in the day I will be on FFXIV..
  5. Jaark


    I joined just to say this one thing...on this one post....that is concerned by @SerenityKellan ... Hi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. If you are asking for mine @Droghan it is Mikko Black! ATM I cant do much besides play due to being on trial! ALSO Thanks everyone for the advice! I just got home from being out...going to slowly...read...it...all...
  7. Yeah, I sort of deleted my first toon cuz while I play healer in most games...I did an archer, but I back out and went on to play conjurer. I hope sometime later on I can pick up Archer as a side class for my guy... but ty for the advice on quests cuz tbh...Ive been picking up....EVERYTHING!!
  8. Hey everyone! I am new to FFXIV...atm I got the trial version and I wrote this post to ask you for some good advice and starter tips! IF it matters, yes im on PS4, and I restarted to a conjurer. Also I just made it to level 6 of writing this...soo... Help a idiot out??
  9. Jaark

    Naming Convention Help

    I wish I knew about naming characters too.. Before remaking toon I named him Jaark Tio. Now, Its Mikko Black... TBH, Idk if it will fit well over my guy...but for once after naming him..I felt good.. I never have that with naming experiences in gaming nowadays... ( Ask my 150+ Smugglers on SWTOR and see how that turned out)
  10. I am glad too, I had to replace my camp already like 2 or 3 times this weekend. Hell, i couldn't even use the BP system, I had to rebuild them all over, Not once, or twice but more than 5 times.
  11. lol I just saw it and I feel pretty bad now. XD
  12. Hey, I know we are a small group, but i like to share at times and boy do I got something to share! https://fallout.bethesda.net/article/6OWNNxTBMAsMmIwGOs8U8/fallout-76-inside-the-vault-november-27-2018 If you are lazy to read... TOO BAD! I say give it a read! There is a lot of postives in here they are doing. Anyway, thats all have a good one!
  13. Jaark

    Resource Map for Fallout 76!

    ALSO, A HIGH NOTE PSA: The last patch they did on the game, they did a Stealth nerf to Breaking down Power Armor Frames.... so my advice, u can break them, but you wont get much out of them...
  14. Hey guys, I found this wicked map of resources on Reddit for your viewing pleasure! Don't forget to be thankful to the guy who made it...and happy farming! SOURCE:
  15. Jaark

    Finding Those Interested

    I would be happy to pitch in... but I am on PS4....and becoming a Merchant Player!

Congratulations to Marjevante & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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