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  1. I would totally name it the Pokemon Club but thats just me
  2. I will be mking a clan someday, but it will not be RoH base clan.
  3. I agree with this, dont listen to Smogon all of the times and try different pokemon. One Major Example( Dead serious Example)... Is when the 2014 World Champ won...with a darn Pachirisu. Yeah Im serious...wanna see the match?! SEE THAT LITTLE FURBALL! THATS IT!!! BOOM! Thats why when starting Pokemon, just play with whatever you love or like! Most importantly, HAVE FUN!
  4. Well...ik its been awhile, but if anyone is interested in doing Pokemon Battles (Without a 3ds) we can use Pokemon Showdown. https://pokemonshowdown.com/ Its all on your browser you dont need to download if u dont want too! Msg on Forums (I mean here) if anyone ever wants to battle.
  5. Well. idk if this is a serious guide for doing end game stuff...or just for fun.. but one thing I would suggest is first learning the Pokemon Typing and their Weakness You have no idea how many times people would suggest or overlook this simple advice...but its really a major help. (Like me going into a mono matchup agaisnt a fairy team..but I used all Dark...) I play mostly VGC, so if you like advice or articles i can send it here...There is plenty of sites and people!
  6. Plus it shows details on items and such. also if your a newcommer it shows the Smogon stats and a preset of said pokemon to help you learn
  7. Its basically a Pokemon Battle sim. You can actually see how stats work and are invested. It helps to planing teams for the real game.
  8. I know some dont have 3ds and all...but I could work something out with Pokemon Showdown... Whos in??
  9. I will be fine! I got plenty of Eevees with IVs and whatnot, tysm for the offer @TunaDan
  10. So after the video from yesterday, and as of today's forming of this group... whos excited for Sword and Shield?? I personally cannot wait for the new games and see what comes out new and all. Also new changes they will do! I will try to maybe shed some light here and there...but one thing I hope they do try in Gen8 to actually do is make IVs easier to breed or even remove them all together. In my eyes that would lower the high bar for getting into Pokemon battles (Online I mean) I say this because look at Gen 6 and 7 (XY and Sun and Moon) 6 made it easier to do EV training to the point they added on XY a mini game to train for specifics EVs and in ORAS, and the Sun and moon, they made it like 10x easier to even accuire the EVs for pokemons in S.O.S battles. Anyway thats just my hopes! Whats everyones hyped for??
  11. Here is my Switch FC (Note when Pokemon comes out... im gonna be playing that all day!) Switch FC: SW-2124-9016-3050 If people still play Ultra Moon or Ultra Sun let me know ill add my 3ds FC as well for trading and battling!
  12. My team is still a big ?????! I know i am trying to work a Umbreon or a Espeon cuz those are my favorites...but stills dont know what to pick...SOO many choices...
  13. until

    Yes I did! I am updating now!
  14. Whoever linked me here, must be crazy. GL to all who applies

Congratulations to Madhatter5510, KalianVan & Felipe on being chosen Members of the Month for April for their primary divisions!

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