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  1. Happy Birthday Frettz!

  2. Happy Birthday you beautiful @Frettz you!!

  3. Happy Birthday @Frettz!!!

  4. Happy birthday! We miss you!

  5. Happy Birthday Frettz!  Hope you get some free time in your schedule soon; we miss you!

  6. Happy birthday and happy fathers day

  7. The hype is real! I'm so stoked for this game. Anyone rooting for either team in particular? Personally . . .
  8. Such an incredible skin - it's been really exciting to see how much cool stuff Riot is doing with music in LoL, recently.
  9. I usually play a game or two on Monday, and Saturday morning / early afternoon.
  10. I mostly ADC as Varus, Draven, Jinx, Cait, and Graves. Beyond that I have a couple champs in each roll I enjoy playing.
  11. Oh boy oh boy! I've been playing LoL on and off for about a year so, and have been getting more and more involved in it over the past year and change. As you may see from the below list, I've found my niche. Frettz - Frettz - 30 Draaaaven (ADC) Varus (ADC) Caitlyn (ADC) Graves (ADC) Ashe (ADC) My second-most played role is Support, followed by Mid. Please don't make me jungle. D:
  12. Also, keep in mind for tonight - SKT's KDA ratio, displayed so prominantly below the stream, may be a lot better than Royal Club's KDA, but Royal Club's KDA was almost 1.0 when they beat Fnatic. Royal Club has managed to play an incredible objective-based game and stay even on gold even without securing kills.