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  1. until

    I'm sorry, but not gonna be able to make it.
  2. until

  3. until

    Whomever gets paired up with me, my sincerest apologies in advance.
  4. until

    I really wanted to do this, but my friends have kidnapped me for some adult beverages. Y'all have fun!
  5. calishell

    [PUB-PvP] PvP Q&A!


    Thank you thank you! This is exactly the kind of stuff that I don't know (burst > dot in pvp). I have the combat rotation memorized (the spicy one on swtorista's site), and can force myself to use it on a boss, but on mobs I tend to just go back to my old bad habits. I just need to practice on a dummy a lot more to break those habits. Anyway, I'm cluttering up this thread with my ramble, but just wanted to say thanks for getting me started on this. I NEVER would have thought that I would even consider pvp. Darn Bioware and their reward tracks.
  6. calishell

    [PUB-PvP] PvP Q&A!


    I'm not gonna lie, I don't like PVP, because....well, I stink and hate letting my team down. However, I'm not going to be able to resist the new rewards track when 7.2 drops. This event is really going to help me and thank you so much for doing it. Quick question....All of my characters are either Combat/Carnage or Lethality/Ruffian (not including SI/JC because they suck). Am I better off bringing a Lethality/Ruffian since I'm more comfortable with the rotation, but none of the other things or Combat/Carnage, where I'm learning the rotation (muscle memory causes me to revert to old habits when things get tense), but have a good feel for my defensives, etc.? Gear wise, they are all in good shape. And of course I'll have many more dumb questions.
  7. until

    I'm sorry, but I forgot I will be watching the GOAT beat my team Sunday evening. Y'all have a great time!
  8. until

    I'd love to join in the fun. mDPS.
  9. until

    I would love to attend this, but the only issue is I haven't really done many Vet FPs so don't know the mechanics (well, except Red Reaper...been soloing that all week lol). Would you be okay with helping a newbie through them?
  10. until

    I'd really love to join this. I've been wanting to do world bosses (achievements!), but have been a little afraid to try. mdps
  11. until

    I'd like to join. mDPS.
  12. until

    If we have too many dps, I can easily step aside (I'm not that good) but would like to watch if someone will stream it.
  13. until

    I can mDPS if there's room on 16-person.
  14. until

    I'd like to give this a try if there's room for a mDPS in 16 man. Been awhile since I've done an op, so I'm sure I'll stink it up.
  15. until

    Just making sure I'm reading this correctly.....does this start at 5pm EST or 6pm EST?

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