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  1. until

    I'd really love to join this. I've been wanting to do world bosses (achievements!), but have been a little afraid to try. mdps
  2. until

    I'd like to join. mDPS.
  3. until

    If we have too many dps, I can easily step aside (I'm not that good) but would like to watch if someone will stream it.
  4. until

    I can mDPS if there's room on 16-person.
  5. until

    I'd like to give this a try if there's room for a mDPS in 16 man. Been awhile since I've done an op, so I'm sure I'll stink it up.
  6. until

    Just making sure I'm reading this correctly.....does this start at 5pm EST or 6pm EST?
  7. mDPS if there is room
  8. calishell

    SWTOR - Flashpoints

    mDPS.....but I've only done a couple of vet mode flashpoints, and not all of the story modes that can't be done non-stealth solo.....so I may not be good enough for this activity. It won't hurt my feelings if that's the case!
  9. until

    I think I can make this! mDPS is all I can do lol
  10. until

    Looks like it's full, but I can mDPS if there's enough for 16.
  11. until

    mDPS. I've not done Uprisings before, so looking forward to checking them out.
  12. mDPS if there is a second run or a 16 man run
  13. until

    If there is room for another mDPS, I'd like to join.
  14. until

    mDPS for me.
  15. until

    mDPS and I've only done this one once, so please forgive me.
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