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  1. until

    I'd like to come!! Depending if I can level up an alt or not, I might be on my main smuggler =D
  2. until

    creeeeepy... ! heals please =D sawbones
  3. until

    I would love to heal if there is room!! sawbones! =D
  4. Askonov Vonoska

    PVP - PUB side - lvl 75's.


    I'd like to join and heal for PVP! I may only be able to stay for the first hour, because I want to do the festival event that starts just an hour after this event. But I'll heal if you've got room!
  5. until

    I know that I am new, and my gear may not be 306 yet, but I would love the opportunity to help my guild by healing!! I'll be online to see if there is a spot / need for me. Hope to see you all there!!
  6. until

    I'll be online!! I hope I can help out!! (sawbones -- heals)
  7. until

    I would like to heal (sawbones) if possible! If not I am happy to dps!! (scoundrel)
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