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  • Birthday 04/28/1986

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    Brooklyn NYC
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    I always had an interest in story crafting and RP in gaming. I also enjoy reading and watching movies, I'm a huge movie buff! Listening to music and taking long walks with no destination in mind is also something fun I really enjoy, getting lost in NYC and exploring can be fun.

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    Pencil Packs, Avoryn, Kerrs Holley, Pencil Deux, Osenwulf, Nngo, Pencil Stacks, & Mechanical Pencil
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    GW2 In-Game RP


    Sorry guys, I really wanted to come to this but a family emergency came up and i gotta leave the house for few hours. Do you guys post stories after your rp session? I'd love to catch up on any rp storyline you guys are working on. I read briefly that you will be on the hunt for Red Jack, good luck travelers!
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