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  1. CoffeeMuffin

    GW2 WvW Causing Carnage

    Tuesday Night WvW
  2. CoffeeMuffin

    GW2 Path to Dungeon Master

    7:00 PM EDT: Path to Dungeon Master w/ PvE Department -- Have you ever wanted to try out a Dungeon but no one is available? Still trying to get that one path that no one wants to do? Want to get all the dungeon armors and weapons? Need some currency to craft that generation one legendary? Look no further! We are going to tackle down every single dungeon path over the coming weeks! Come out to join us as we go from Ascalonian Catacombs to Arah and have some good laughs along the way. Around level 80 is generally asked for but no required. https://www.remnantsofhope.com/boards/index.php?/topic/62805-new-event-incoming-path-to-dungeon-master/#comment-655210
  3. CoffeeMuffin

    GW2 In-Game RP

    Come join the GW2 RP Department on our escapades across the land of Tyria! No prior RP experience is necessary—just bring a love of adventure and a desire to story-craft. Read each event's call to arms, vote on a plan, then group up to put it in action and save the world (or at least just make it a little brighter)! Check out our Introduction to In-Game RP Events topic for further details and In-Game RP Event Subforum for a list of events!
  4. Happy birthday!!! 😊 

  5. Happy Birthday! 

    Happy birthday. Nice funny greeting card. Cup of coffee and cake. Vector  illustration.:: tasmeemME.com

    1. Princess


      Thank you!

  6. CoffeeMuffin

    GW2 HP & Mastery Train

    HP & Mastery Point Train w/ Crafting & Guild Hall Department -- Come join the crafty crew and get your HP and MP together! We will zerg together and make it as easy as pie.
  7. Today is your birthday,
    Today is your day,
    To be happy in each and every way,
    Be happy keep smiling in every thing you do,
    Cause now I wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!

    1. Zidane


      Thank you!

  8. I’m wishing you a joyous birthday
    One that tops all the rest
    Surrounded by friends and family
    It’s bound to be the best!

    Happy birthday to you today!

  9. Happy Happy birthday, from all of us to you
    happy happy birthday may all you're dreams come true* woo*
    happy happy birthday we're really glad you're here
    happy happy birthday, we'll make this your best year *woo*

  10. until
    Come one come all to the beginners guide to Map Completion! We will be selecting a map and working together to do map completion. This is a great event to join on new characters or if you are new to the game (or just new to PvE!). No experience needed, don't need a mount, you don't even need to know how to play your character. Just show up and have fun. See you there!
  11. I hope you have a fantastic Birthday!

    1. Docss


      Thank you very much.  ❤️

  12. CoffeeMuffin

    GW2 Monthly Lottery!

    We have a Monthly Lottery! Mail Zakaryah.6802 with 2g per ticket (up to 5 tickets) with the numbers you’d like or just ask to be blessed by the random number deities! Please include your accountname.xxxx in your mail. If there are plenty of spots still available by the middle of March, We will open it up to a max of 10 tickets per person. And if we start to fill up all the numbers, We will use our powers to add more ticket numbers above 100! Here are the Lottery Numbers Here are the Lottery Rules
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BALLYVICKS! You do so much for the community and I hope today is a fantastic day!

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