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  1. This topic is now closed. I will be putting everyone's names in a randomizer and making contact with 4 of you shortly. If the 5 players cannot agree on a time or if any of the previous 4 bow out, I will be working my way down the list in order. Thank you all for your interest in my game, and I'll be back again for another round after the conclusion of Secret of the Porvenir!
  2. One last notice: Sign ups for the Secret of the Porvenir mini-campaign will be closed at midnight on Monday, March 14th. Hamfast will be one of the players. As there are more than four applicants at this time, the other four players will be randomly selected from the names on the forum sign up (I'll be working with one of the officer's randomizers to make it truly impartial). This game will also be streamed live. You will be required to have a decent microphone and an internet browser capable of hardware acceleration (commonly Chrome and Firefox). If selected, I will contact you personally to set up an initial interview. I'm excited to meet you!
  3. I'd love to work with you! As an example, this UA subclass from Critical Role is automatically approved. https://www.dndbeyond.com/subclasses/oath-of-the-open-sea
  4. Hi! My name’s Tyko. I’ve been GMing online for the last year and a half over Foundry VTT and Discord, and I’m super excited to share the world’s greatest roleplaying game with you! My games use Foundry VTT for maps, tokens and spell animations, a boosted Discord server for voice, and SoundTale for audio in order to provide a high quality immersive experience. Games will be played with my primary language, English. You will be required to use a browser capable of hardware acceleration (commonly Chrome or Firefox) and make an account on the Forge, a hosting service for Foundry VTT. You will not be required to purchase any secondary content. I’ve purchased every book on D&D Beyond, and that content will be shared with you via the character creator. Please know up front that while my table has a lot of wholesome moments, it’s absolutely NSFW. We’re gonna violently kill some gory monsters and deal with some fairly adult material. It’s entirely possible that you may find yourself presented with romantic options and “fade to black” moments. There are villains that deal with the overarching themes of racism, misogyny and other deplorable viewpoints. While they’re some truly awful characters, you have my word that you will never see an act of sexual violence “on-screen”. For safety, all players have access to and are encouraged to use the “X-Card” system, which will automatically trigger our 15 minute break with no questions asked, to resume after the current challenge has been reworked over the break. My GM style is somewhat serious in tone but has plenty of room for humor. I encourage creative thinking, and fun over everything else. If one or more of the players isn’t having fun, then the whole point of the game is lost. Finally, a big theme for me is player agency. I don’t do critical failures. Certain social rolls are made behind the screen, but other than that, every roll (particularly combat) is done openly over Foundry VTT. In short, I’m loosely holding the steering wheel, but I don’t do railroading- your choices and your rolls dictate the fate of this world. This particular adventure is called Secret of the Porvenir. A large ship of the line with valuable cargo has gone missing. Now it has reappeared on the coast of a nearby island... but the entire crew seem to be missing. You begin the game at level 6. All published WotC content is allowed. I use a number of homebrew rules, most of which are various buffs to the players. During Session Zero, we will work together to create a Pirate Crew to accept this challenge and recover the cargo. This post will stay up until the conclusion of our currently streamed adventure, which will be streamed live on the Remnants of Hope Discord, Twitch, and YouTube. The players will choose a time that works for all 5 players. If you have played one of my adventures before, you are welcome to put your name as backup, but please know that preference will be given to players that have not played with me before. If you would like to play this adventure, please state your interest in a reply to this post. I will put the names of all interested parties on a spreadsheet and have a randomizer select the new players. Thank you for playing!
  5. until
    A retelling of the classic introductory adventure to Curse of Strahd, Death House: Revamped is the entry point into the land of Barovia, a distant land obscured by an otherworldly mist. The moon above casts its silver light upon the valley, doing little to penetrate the ever-present fog. Villages huddle here and there, little more than isolated hamlets, pinpoints of light amongst the darkness. In the distance, a gothic castle stands tall and imposing, looming over the vale like a silent sentinel. You have been gathered to solve the mystery of Lucy Westenra, a young lady who died of unknown causes in her fiancé's family manor- better known as Death House. Be warned: Curse of Strahd is a particularly dangerous module- character death is a real threat in this world, and even death may not be the end of your character's journey. Barovia is a dangerous country with all the elements of classic gothic horror- vampires, witches, werewolves, and more. Can you bring the sun back to this accursed land? This event will be streamed every Wednesday evening through Discord and YouTube at 8 PM CST and repeat until the adventure is complete. Another game will be announced after the conclusion of this one- please check back in the forums as we are still refining the sign up process!

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