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    Datai, Sorcerer - Wurex, Mercenary - Dra'kae, Guardian - Olekcado, Marauder - Dalinar'blackthorn, Commando - Ael'fin, Shadow - Veil'davar, Operative 
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  1. I have a list but due to needing to get used to the mouse only movement and aiming I'm leaning to Melee first. Berserker Gunlancer Scrapper Artillerist Gunslinger This game is/can be very Alt heavy, dungeons are a limited amount you can run daily so to keep up on materials and stuff you will probably want Alts.
  2. We want to watch and be careful about joining a huge streamer server, just for Queue issues. Edit: My vote is for name only, we should watch and avoid heavy streamer servers. Edit 2: I was just checking, a lot of Lost Ark YouTubers/Streamers so far are going Azena and Regulus and Una Edit 3: from the Lost Ark Blog, of course subject to change
  3. Looking to see if anyone needs HK-51 still, I have not started my quest for him yet and I have Tuesday 01/11 free all day, whoever is interested we can work out a time. I heard it was a lot easier with multiple people scanning.
  4. AcidRelic

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS


    Sorry, clicked "going" before I saw it was Pub, I'll watch but don't have a Pub to 75 yet, 60s but not maxed.
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