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  1. until

    Just registering as a backup so please prioritize others first, I'm still hooked on Elden Ring at the moment. If you need me though I can mDPS.
  2. until

    Backup DPS/16
  3. until

    Just got Elden Ring so may be playing that w/ some friends. But if not then I'm down for 16 man.
  4. until

    Can melee or ranged dps
  5. until

    I'll probably be available but may be a few minutes late. melee or ranged dps
  6. until

    I don't think I'll make it unfortunately, my daughter is having a rough night.
  7. until

    mDPS or rDPS
  8. until

    Would very much like to join but depends on my evening schedule. Can DPS or maaaaaaaaaybe tank.
  9. until

    Backup/16: Ranged or Melee DPS I'm kinda a maybe now will know more closer to time
  10. until

    mDPS backup/16
  11. until

    melee or ranged DPS
  12. until

    mDPS Looks like it's full for 16 but if anyone can't make it I'm happy to be backup.
  13. until

    rDPS or mDPS!
  14. until

    Backup/16 mDPS
  15. until

    Can ranged or mDPS if you need people. Haven't run this op before though so I'll just be backup! *Edit* I'm an idiot, I actually did this op in story mode earlier this week lol.
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