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  1. until

    Backup/16 mDPS
  2. until

    Can ranged or mDPS if you need people. Haven't run this op before though so I'll just be backup! *Edit* I'm an idiot, I actually did this op in story mode earlier this week lol.
  3. until

    Can rDPS or mDPS.
  4. until

    Backup/16 mDPS
  5. until

    Can mDPS if we get to 16, if not no worries.
  6. until

    I'm in for melee DPS!
  7. until

    mDPS if there's still room. If someone else wants to I'm happy to give up a spot.
  8. until

    Consider me a solid maybe as a backup, I'll try to be on by 8 but my daughter has been fighting bedtime so we'll see! Melee DPS if I can make it AND you all need people.
  9. until

    Can melee DPS w/ my Jug or try tanking if there's room... but I've never tanked before so I don't recommend I do that unless this will be super easy!
  10. Sounds awesome. Going to try and join w/ my sentinel or scoundrel! Might be a little after 8PM though. I don't have any max level characters yet but they're both 50+.
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