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    Not a Prog Group is a "new" event using the open sign-ups VMOP format previously run by Aedi on Saturday nights from 9-11 PM. Aedi is now leading the Young Avengers progression raiding group in that time slot, so his old event is being run by me (Vikarr) on Sunday evenings from 6-8 PM. The day/time is currently subject to change as we test what works best for our members, so feel free to give me your input. Operation: VM Eternity Vault Time: 6-8 PM EST Discord: Required StarParse: Required ***Recommended StarParse Metrics*** Tanks: Clear tanking of the target operation in SM Heals: 18K Heals on 6M Dummy with Healing invigorator and 1 Secondary Target module DPS: 20K DPS on 6M Dummy with Shattered Armor Modifier I would strongly prefer that all attendees, regardless of role, complete the target operation at least once in SM before signing up for VM. We will do explanations of relevant mechanics, but it will significantly speed things along if you're already familiar with the basics. Here is a link to a guide on the target operation if you would like to do some homework ahead of time, but this is completely optional: https://www.merlynswtor.com/operations/eternity-vault Raid Lead: @Vikarr Tank: DwT: Heals: Heals: DPS: DPS: DPS: DPS:
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  4. Prefer solo heal, but it's no big deal either way.
  5. Always happy to make new lizard friends.
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    Any role, but prefer to only heal if solo healing.
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    Fancy fancy! May your team progress with haste!
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    I was murdered by both guildmates and non guildmates alike. Edit: Now I'm confused by the order we're supposed to report. I was being killed in the first round and killing in the interrupted round.
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    *More incoherent Wookie noises*
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    *Incoherent Wookie noises*
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    Hawaiian pizza is unironically my favorite kind of pizza.
  12. Whatever you need
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    Mary Poppins
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