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  1. For the past couple of nights, I've been exploring islands for the various rewards and I saw one that looked really nice on Death's Hold Island. Got the quest, started running around pulling up swords to spawn the main boss (I thought) and then a quick cutscene later the boss spawned. Except, like, a lot of bosses. I was so confused but I jumped in and promptly faceplanted. Respawned, tried again, dead. I did this 3 or 4 times before it finally dawned on me that these weren't bosses they were other players LMAO. It's a PvP free for all island. It never occurred to me that islands could be PvP! I came in dead last on the rankings. Not my proudest moment but I still got 3 island tokens and the winner only got 5 so no big.
  2. I'm at work so can't watch the whole thing right now but, in case it's not mentioned in the videos, here's something I just learned that might save others some time. At the end of all the Luterra quests, when you're getting ready to set sail for another continent, you'll get a series of purple quests that start with King Thirain telling you to talk to his scribe. It's a chain quest that will give you enough uncommon engravings to complete one of your two class engravings. However, it only has 3 nodes so when you equip it, you still haven't activated it. You need 5 nodes to have it active so I was running around like, how do I get more nodes???!!! Well, it turns out you can equip the same card in both slots, giving you 6 nodes and activating the engraving. LOL! I felt like an idiot! Thought I'd throw it out there to save others the same trouble.
  3. It makes sense when you look at it (especially after playing the game) but it gives me this same energy-
  4. Thanks for all this. I've been trying to learn the various systems (cards, engravings, pets, etc) and haven't looked into the guild stuff so I'll get going on this tonight.
  5. I started playing on Karta last night around 7pm (EST) and was able to create multiple characters and play through the first few quests with no queue or lag at all. Hope that helps.
  6. The names I usually use were already taken so I'm using ancient Aztec city names. So now I have Tlacopan and Tlatelolco etc. Fits in with my main ESO character, Tlaloc.
  7. I was planning on playing a Deadeye because I pretty much always play ranged characters. After trying it out for a little while, though, I just didn't care for the weapon switching mechanic. You have to be pretty accurate about the range and which weapon you're using to maximize damage, which is tough when things are moving around a lot. Deleted character. So then I tried Paladin, which was pretty straightforward. IMHO, this is a balanced class with good damage and support but something about it was kind of boring to me. Just run up and blast stuff with your big sword. Definitely keeping this as an alt though. Then I tried Artillerist. This was a blast to play! A massive gun with lots of explosions, what's not to like? But turned out to be a bit of a glass cannon. I had real trouble with the very first boss you run into. For example, when you charge up the special ability and hit Z, you turn into a stationary artillery platform. Which is great for groups, I'm sure, but I found that not to be not so good for mobility when fighting a boss solo. Keeping this one as well but probably will focus on group content with it. Finally, I created a Striker and this is probably going to be my main now. Lots of mobility, good damage though maybe not top tier, and seems to have more survivability than the Artillerist. I surprised myself that a melee class turns out to be my favorite.
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