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  1. Oh man, I am down for some STO! I have been enjoying the glorious sands of Risa as the newly redone T6 Risian Corvette is a gorgeous ship (although I will probably never really use it except for show). I don't have any KDF toons, but I've got a good Fed and Rom (Fed aligned) who are ready for adventure.
  2. So I have always been a fan of the Galaxy-Class lineup. So much that in the early days when I started I owned the Galaxy pack, then picked up the Andromeda cruiser and my Engineering main's favorite ship, the T6 Yamato Dreadnought cruiser (designed in the Galaxy-X style of course from "All Good Things"). I decided to run this ship as a phaser build. I run Miracle Worker with Command as secondary which makes me super tanky and the Command expose allows me to take advantage of using the new Agony Torpedoes (these are increased by phaser boons). With that I have the Trillithium phaser set, a nice wide angle phaser cannon in the front, and the Omega rep cutting beam (that thing is deadly). With the anniversary event came the Bajoran Defense Warp Core, so that set is complete and can be pretty devastating in the 4-piece version with passives now reaching out to 5 km. Lately, it just seems like so many good things are coming up phaser. The Domino console from the anniversary ship is awesome for fire rate and gives a decent phaser boost. The weekend event goodness with the prolonged engagement console ramps up all my power levels and the (soon to aquire) prolonged engagement phaser beam array with it are a nice touch to getting my BOff abilities out more. Also, the Dreadnought comes with a hanger, and what hanger is complete without those sweet Romulan rep Ultra-Rare Scorpion Fighters? Those plasma torpedos do a tremendous amount of damage (I'd love an OP phaser style hanger-pet, but I'm good with working with the Romulans, I have a cloaking device so why not their fighters?) Oh yeah, so I mentioned I have all five Galaxy related ships, which means I have all five Universal consoles. And although many will say using so many Universals is a waste, for me it makes a fun play style and gives plenty of boons to help me when I'm in trouble. Wanna fight like a tac ship? Use Saucer separation to increase damage, speed and turn. Oh, and that saucer is bringing a good amount of it's own utility and damage to include the phaser lance! Wanna sneak up on someone, and get a little damage boost to start the fight? Need to get to an objective quickly and don't want to be caught up? Time to cloak up (not a battle cloak unfortunately so once I'm fighting, I'm out there until I get out of combat.) Too many things firing at you? Use Antimatter spread to blind them with a chance to pacify! Still have things firing? Use Overload Supplemental Subsystems to increase power and have a chance to short out all enemies within 5km. And my favorite thing for those pesky Hur'q buggers? The Molecular Cohesion Nullifier! This little baby reduced you damage taken and damages enemies caught within 2km with the damage ramping up with the more ships within range. I hunt down those things now and simply explode them! It's not top tier by any means, but it can hold it's own in a fight and provide decent damage. Plus it's super fun to play. Some things are epic, some are ultra-rare, while the rest is very-rare and it certainly does a nice job.
  3. Whoo hoo. Come on in @Koro, there is simply so much to do right now! I'll be on tomorrow night if you need an invite and haven't been able to link up by then.
  4. Right now I'm just working on little rowboats to use and to get them on the market. Not sure what other crafting I may do along the way. Mainly I want to sail the seas.
  5. Thanks to everyone for the awesome birthday wishes!  It has been a great day and I appreciate all my friends here in RoH.  Stay awesome!

  6. Vyrigan

    First ESO Picture Shoot

    Pictures from the first ESO division picture shoot. A goodly number of peeps came out in support!
  7. Ahhhh! Starting over again! My weakness is I'm a hoarder and I like to gather stuff and then just go adventuring. So when I lose stuff it's a bummer. Hope the map rocks though!
  8. Happy Birthday Sweetbunny!  


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  9. *hums tune from Alice in Wonderland*  A very merry unbirthday to ...... wait, wait, wait........

    Whoa!  It's actually your birthday?!  Well, that just won't do at all.



  10. Session Report.......................................... <Error> Transmission Intercepted - Interference Detected - Decrypting Signal ................................................................. If you are reading this, then there is still hope. We are stranded...on a merciless world we know nothing about. There is an outside force controlling this world, we are test subjects, experiments, freaks. We have tamed the savage beasts of this land, and although we do not know if we will ever see home again, we know this. We stand together. We fight together. Man and beast bringing order to chaos. From fire, to machines, we grow and evolve. We are survivors, we are inventors, we are warriors. We...are... Dino Riders. <Transmission Ends>
  11. Session Report - The Efforts of Mice and Men Day 1 Wake up from long nap. Base looks nice, wall coming together nicely. Find more dinos than ever - to include a gorgeous bronto. Ride bronto, discover tail swipe is rather large (accidentally kill dino being tamed on beach). Decide to wait on getting my own bronto. Time to get some smaller herbivores. Day 2 Visit Tayte's super home. Decide to renovate the old cabin. Expand - out and up! Windows! Leave some higher windows open for light, house feels better. Get some better organized storage areas. Ready to go get some dinos! Day 3 Head north to herbivore beach. Find an ankylosaur - tranq it, tame it, name it Thrasher. Zeller finds an armadillo nearby - tranqs it, works on taming. Dilo's attack, kill Zellar, kill armadillo before I can get to them. Terrence knows what must be done.... (lots of meat and hides). Find a stego - attempt to tranq. Stego calls mate, they gang up on me. I get hurt badly. Hop on Terrence. Play time is over...(more meat and hides). Go help Tayte with taming his own armadillo (these things need a lot of narcotics!) Day 4 Find another stego by itself. Do the tranq and run. She's down!!!! Tame her, call her Swipe. Taking her home with Terrance on escort duty. Bug attacks Swipe - Swipe kills them. Swipe's tail accidentally hits a bronto. "Brontos are big but they're not really dangerous." Six brontos appear - kill Swipe. Hop on Terrance - fight for life - Terrance hurt badly - running. Brontos chase. "We're going to die!!!!!!" We get away, wounded and limping. Sneak in and grab the saddle from Swipe, vow to find another stego. Log out.
  12. I hope this can help answer your question: Session Report - To Arms! Day 1 Have issues staying conscious. Can't log in completely with "tweaks" to game performance. "Let's drag him to where we are so he's there when he logs in" "Don't drag me somewhere dangerous." "Describe dangerous." "Anywhere I can get eaten." Listen in to trouble taming new dino. Day 2 Finally log in - game running very smooth. Hop on faithful Terrence II Kill T-Rex bullying team. Go looking for more T-Rex's, kill them all on sight. Meet new dino - Ankylosaur! Tayte names her Sara, we take her home, Terrence II provides guard duty. Examine the dino gate. Feel like building some. Look at old wall - desire fades. Maybe explore instead. Tayte destroys many boulders with Sara (stay away from swinging tail). Mount up on flyer (Echo), head southeast. Day 3 Discover island of herbivores at the bottom right of the map - very peaceful - nice spot for vacation shack. Travel up the east coast, filling in gaps. Echo and I stop to rest, bugs attack, Echo goes crazy, takes a while to get her back. Echo and I stop again, raptor attacks, accidentally hit wild Trike. Wild Trike attacks. Echo just flies around acting crazy, scared Echo is going to die and I'm going to be stranded. Get Echo back after several minutes. Explore the entire east coast, time for home. Day 4 Haloa has magic powers - new wall has no gaps. Hit level 30 - unlock new item. Now it's my turn "Tayte, I got something for you" Give him pistol...and bullets. Sleepy and content - log out.
  13. Session report - To the Skies Day 1 "Hey Vyrigan, I got something to show you" Tayte comes flying in on dinosaur. Gives me a saddle. Hop on faithful Terrence II, look for my own flying dino. Find very few, realize they eat meat, Terrence II knows what to do. Find a spinosaur (family of killer of Terrence the 1st), kill on sight. Find 2 T-Rex's picking a fight with herbivores, kill them both. (don't mess with Terrence) Find a level 4 flyer, tame him, name him Maverick. Want to tame all the herbivores, definitely want a brontosaur. Day 2 Tayte finds a higher level flyer, tempted to name Iceman but find it's a girl. Name her Echo. Echo and India (Tayte's flyer) take to the skies. Landing is a challenge, flyer keeps circling and I can't get back on. Learn how to whistle for dinos. Hit E to loot, fall off (thankful that I'm low to ground). Learn how to make parachutes. Day 3 Fly looking for crystals and metal. Meet up with Wildstar team near lovely waterfall. They show us a spot to get goodness. Love to fly, going to explore the whole island soon. Day 4 Tayte tames a turtle, names him Arty. Rides him, one word - hilarious. (indescribable - you have to see it) The cutest thing I have ever seen. He lets me ride. I laugh all the way to the river. Swimming with Arty is good, very fast. Tayte tames a turtle for me. Female, I name her Venus (after the female ninja turtle). Day 5 Getting a lot of dinos, need a wall. Make stone fence foundations and walls. NOTHING snaps together, can't see where foundation is going all the time due to grass. Gaps form in wall - destroy wall. Try again, gaps smaller, Haloa comes to help. Make a dino gate, really like it - only thing I've made that I like today. ("Welcome to Jurassic Park" style) "Wall has charm, it looks primitive and that's what we are" True.......... Still think my wall looks like poop... Haloa logs out, body collapses outside house. Drag Haloa into the house, accidentally drop her in poop. Better log out before she wakes up. Trying again next time. Maybe more exploring, less building. Want to fill out the map.
  14. Session report - Buddy time Day 1 Wake up dead, but I have a home so it's not so bad. Faithful Triceratops, Terrence the first, is dead. Haloa comes to help "Shanty Town" (it was kinda messy). Tayte downs another Trike for me, name him Terrence the second or Terrence II. Day 2 - Exploration Decide to explore, head east. Mount up on Terrence II, grab a bunch of berries, and head out. Stumble upon unexpected Outpost, close to Shanty Town. Decide to head north, looking for other outposts or bases - follow the river. Day 3 - Travel Traveling on a Trike is slow, but safe. Bugs attack, we kill them. Raptors attack, we kill them. Carnisaur attacks, we kill it. Level, level, level, for both of us. Terrence gains a good bit of stamina, can run for quite a ways. Day 4 - Discovery Find a nice base, really well done. Find a mountain, start to climb, almost freeze. Attacked by T-Rex on the way down. Accidentally hit mammoth while fighting T-Rex, have to fight mammoth. Mammoth's mate wants to fight too. We kill it. More T-Rex's coming. Time to run away - heading back south. Day 5 - Midgard Find Florida base, beautiful beaches, nice area. Give some berries and boots. Get locked in the house, threaten to have Trike break me out. Get let out of house. Head home. Day 6 - Not so Shanty Town Neighborhood picking up - condominium development. Make 139 Narcotics from all the spoiled meat from our kills. Move into the condo. Park my trike on the hill. Logged out. Message Received: Terrence II is fine. I glitch through the wall and get eaten. Stuff recovered. In condo. Going to need a wall. More coming tonight!
  15. First session - a time of learning and adventure! Day 1 Had trouble making my character look like me, too much jaw, not enough fat. Had a six-pack on a huge bulge. Decided to go for "heavier" look instead. Started out well, made a pick, then a hatchet, then a campfire, then a torch, then a spear, then clothes. Began learning to make a house. Chatted with allies in the world. Famous last words "I have a full belly and a nice fire. Ready for tomorrow." Immediately killed by Dilo... Day 2 Forgot where my nice roaring fire was, couldn't find it, got lost. Made a pick, then a hatchet, then a spear, then a torch, then clothes. Killed a pig-thing. Made a fire, ate some meat, leveled up. While selecting emgrams, music changed. Eaten by raptor. Day 3 Wandered around looking for either campfire, got lost. Made a pick, then hatchet, had leftovers for a hat. Saw 2 buildings across the river, started to swim. Eaten by piranha. Day 4 Remembered on map where buildings were, went back to river. Ducked under and looked around before swimming across. Found a nice building, door locked. Made clothes, then pick, then hatchet, then 2 spears. Dilo attacked, threw spear through its head - killed it. Took meat and made a campfire. Logged out!
  16. Hopping on tonight. Excited to begin my journey!
  17. No AC makes it too hot for my poor pc (and for little ol me). Can't wait to get this fixed Monday!

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      I have had no ac all summer and in a place that averages in the 90's...I know your pain.

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      How's that AC now? ;)