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    My interests include reading and gaming, Stephen King & JD Robb are just a couple I read frequently, other reading interests included mysteries, thrillers, and autobiographies. I prefer SWTOR over other games but I dabble in WarFrame, Star Trek Online, Guild Wars and a few others. I enjoy binge watching Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime series such as Lucifer, Grace & Frankie, Star Wars series, The Expanse, FarScape...I could list movies, series, & books all day. I enjoy a good cup of coffee and I enjoy tea as well. I watch Twitch streamers, mostly ones that stream SWTOR and STO, and I like solving Sudoku puzzles.

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    Altayast-coqriun, Preamealia, Meerandhia, Rredtur
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About Me

I am a wife and mother, MBA holder, work a full-time office job (M-F 8-5 EST grind), household manager (chief cook and clothing washer...no more bottles to wash but lots of clothes lol).  I got my degrees while we both worked full-time and raised our family...yes it was a VERY long and VERY difficult process...took me 11 years to go from Associate degree to 2 Master's degrees...during that timeframe I found the love of my life and we became an extended blended family raising both our kids together.  I don't think I could have accomplished all that without him.  I am one that struggles with depression symptoms, it's been hard to admit, but I kick myself when I'm down and climb back up.  


I recently got into online PC games, SWTOR is my first MMO and my first video game.  I've tried a couple of others over the years, Atari, Xbox, but real life has a way of saying nope not now, so I enjoyed watching the kids play the video games while I adulted.  Now with the kids off adulting, and about 3 yrs ago (2019) a new & good friend introduced me to SWTOR, she ran me through the beginning content, and I was hooked within the hour.  Her guild became inactive as real life got difficult for some of them, then covid hit and she concentrated on other more important matters as many rightfully needed to.   I eventually found my way here via a well-known SWTOR Twitch streamer I was watching one day and the RoH ad for applicants popped up on her screen.  I applied.

Continuing on from the Interests category regarding reading, I was bored with reading material when gee I must have been around 10-12 yrs old, my dad handed me this paperback Stephen King book, thick too, it was The Talisman.  I have been hooked ever since, even sticking through the dry beginnings when he develops and introduces his characters.  I own most, as in about 90-95% of his writing content, I am lacking in the short story area where he published in magazines and some of the e-content I haven't been able to obtain because it was in a format I don't have (I do have kindle & audible).  Did I mention I like reading?  It's what I did before I returned to college and got a job, real life was busy for quite a number of years.  I returned to reading and in 2018 I hit an all-time goal of reading, having read just over 100 books that year (yes I have a Goodreads account but I tracked it mostly on my spreadsheet).

And TV series, some of you will know this one and some may not, the 'TV Guide' when I was growing up it was the goto channel guide.  My mother hated that I could rattle off what show was on when and on what channel but couldn't remember my times tables (which by the way, I do know extensively now).  Star Trek the Next Generation was my binge show, that ran into the next, Deep Space Nine, then Voyager...kids watched Barney, Sesame Street, Gulla Gulla Island, but when I had my fill of those it was off to sci-fi.  Picard...yes I am watching that one and can't wait for the next episode...have a couple audio books that I am hoping to listen to soon...same with The Expanse on both counts.  

Plus lot's of other stuff...

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