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  1. until

    If I can make it I can bring dps
  2. until

    @Slyfox have to run an errand, won't be able to make it like I was hoping to.
  3. until

    I can bring DPS...need to get me an Imp side healer toon so I can practice healing more...
  4. until

    I can bring dps
  5. until

    I'm a maybe, dps if I can make it
  6. until

    Can bring dps but going to say maybe cause I might crash by 9, would hate to say going then no show
  7. until

    DPS for me
  8. until

    I can bring dps
  9. until

    Dps here...yeah, that's it, I think Lol
  10. until

    I can dps, maybe not efficiently yet lol
  11. Altayast

    [PUB-PVE] - Chunky Noodle SMOOP


    I can bring dps or heals The more practice the better lol
  12. until

    Dps, backup if needed
  13. Altayast

    Gree World Bosses


    I can bring dps or heals
  14. until

    Heals or dps as needed
  15. until

    Heals or dps, backup just in case
  16. until

    I can bring dps, if I can make it
  17. Altayast

    [PvP-Pub] 80s Night!


    @BinaryNine Woohoo see ya then, but remember rlacf (real life always comes first)
  18. Altayast

    [PUB-PVE] - SMOOPS All Berries

    I can bring dps or heals
  19. until

    I can bring dps
  20. Altayast

    [PvP-Pub] 80s Night!


    Going to try to make the June 11th if its still on
  21. 6/7 I can join in the pvp unranked if you are still hosting I will have imp dps
  22. until

    I can dps
  23. Altayast

    [PUB-PVE] - SMOOPS I Did it Again

    "Oh I guess I could tag along." *Said in my best Eeyore voice* Lol Pub side, hmmm I can bring dps or heals, wherever you need me
  24. until

    I can bring dps for imp side
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