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  1. Happy birthday to my amazingly awesome friend. I hope you have a great day bud!

    1. Tyrtaeus


      Happy birthday @Shant! We're the 3 best friend that could found a division anyone could have ;) 

    2. Shant


      I'm sorry for not showing up for this fellas. Thanks for taking your time to give me best wishes on my birthday. I have currently been away from this community, but i hope you 2 are enjoying your time! :)

  2. Happy birthday my friend!

  3. Happy birthday buddy!

  4. Happiest of Born Days to you my dear!

    1. SirenRae


      Thank you so much, Lager my friend! :D

  5. Happy birthday Becca!

    1. Stargirl
    2. Lagerfueled


      I am playing GW2 now, are you still playing?

    3. Stargirl


      not right now but maybe soon but if i do im not in the gw2 guild anymore so it will be on my own

  6. Happy birthday, miss seeing you!

  7. Happy birthday Emma!

  8. All GW2 Players please check out my post here....

  9. The new GW2 update was short, but holy crap, that twist ending!!

    1. Emma


      Don't spoil it!!

    2. Emma


      I haven't played it yet.

  10. Sitting in day 2 of an 8 hour class on the most boring subject matter in the world. At least I get paid for this crap!

  11. I want Sunrise, but really don't feel lup to grinding all the ingredients, and certainly don't have 3600g to buy it. First World GW2 Problems.

    1. Nadalyne


      I'm 62% of the way to Sunrise, but that precursor price has always turned me away. v.v

    2. Guest


      Here, have my ridiculously insufficient amount of gold. =l

    3. Guest


      I'm glad I don't really like any of the legendary's lol

  12. I need to get the WvWvW areas mapped so I can start working on my first Legendary weapon. I really wish WvW maps weren't included in 100% map completion.

    1. Guest


      Friday's before reset and Thursday nights are the best times for that! Next time the Wife and I are roaming around for Map completion I'll shout out to you.

  13. Going to try and finally save up the gold needed to transfer to TC.

  14. My Guardian is now my main character. I am also going to shoot for 100% Map completion on him. I really wish the WvW maps weren't needed to get 100%.

    1. Aravail


      Awesome! I'm starting to enjoy my Guardian a lot more too. Probably not enough to do world completion on him though...

    2. Jaan'weyn


      Look at these Guardian haters finally coming around.

  15. In order to craft Inifinite Light, I need to either A) Buy 876 gold worth of materials from the TP. B) Farm the materials myself, which will take an eternity due to the rareity of Charged Lodestones. Or C) Buy the weapon directly from the TP for 1240 gold. I am not liking any of these options.

    1. Jaan'weyn


      I'm not the biggest fan of Infinite Light so that seems like way too much to spend. Not sure if there are any other swords that fit your look, though. Maybe the Calcite Antique skin from an ascended sword?

  16. Sudden Realization when playing my new Elementalist earlier.Who needs a 1000g Volcanus when you have Fiery Greatsword?

    1. Aravail


      Exactly! Priceless weapon on-demand? Yes please!

    2. Jaan'weyn


      But Volcanus is only 475 gold! A bargain at double the price!

  17. Second Shift blows. I hate working nights.

    1. Guest