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  1. Also, for all those interested in signing up the website, whether for accessing the forums or possibly purchasing the Alpha and Beta keys, please consider using the following referral code. To the best of my knowledge, it might mean some extra tidbits (like in-game embers). Referral Code: 3U2J9P7E4YATYC7T
  2. Here with a new (quarterly?) update. Alpha 1 phase for Ashes of Creation is in full swing, with a non-NDA testing month starting on July 14th. I’ll be keeping an eye out for interesting gameplay to link here, and of course we still have the most recent monthly developer’s update. Once Alpha 2 hits sometime the last quarter of this year, I’ll be able to write out some personal thoughts. Looking forward to it!
  3. Just throwing my hat in the ring. I’ll definitely be participating in NaNoWriMo this year, but then again, I participate every year, so nothing new I suppose!
  4. Whew, just got over a week long illness. Thankfully not COVID, just regular old strep throat. Anyway, finally felt up to cleaning snow off the outside signal booster so that I can have internet again. Yay!

  5. Acies


    Just cool pictures.
  6. Now, I know I’m jumping into this group awhile after it was first created, but I’m hoping there’s a few other individuals still around to discuss writing topics and such. As for myself, I’ve been writing since I was twelve years old, collecting a vast array of stories and series that are anywhere from partially planned to fully drafted. Fifteen years later, I started collecting and editing everything, and much to my surprise, realized I have over seventy legitimate novels ready to be finished. Finally putting the pen to paper (or finger to keyboard), I’m currently in the process of cleaning, updating, and publishing a number of different novels. Depending on the series (and quality therein), I’m either going the agent and publication route, or simply self-publishing online. At the moment, you can find here a few stories I’m in the process of writing on RoyalRoad. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. I’d also love to get a few discussions going on writing ideas, but figured it would be best to gage interest first.
  7. I’d like to be added for all three, and I hope 2021 provides ample opportunity to write compared to last year!
  8. As the new year rolls around, so to does the news for various “mmos” increase. There are a lot of interesting concepts out there, and a few games that might be decent once they finally launch. However, nothing has quite stuck for me personally; and so I return to my hopes for Ashes of Creation. I’ve bought in BIG, as in Alpha 2 big, and the reason for this rare occurrence is due to the transparency shown by Intrepid Studies. They kept a consistent development update for the last year, and steady improvement was shown in graphics, game systems, and internal mechanics. I truly believe that AoC will be an incredible game, even if it’s not a perfect one. The January Update was released a couple days ago (linked below), and as usual covers a variety of topics that might peak interest. I’d also mention the game forums as a great place to check for new information or join into discussions with other excited future players. As for those of us here from RoH? Rest assured that I will be leading the charge in creating a guild branch in Ashes from Day 1. Before ,actually, as it is my intention to enter the Alpha and Beta tests and search for a perfect location, where we can found and build up a Scientific node (or any other node if desired) where all Remnants can join in our growing community. We still have a year or so before game launch is a reality, so just let that excitement continue to simmer for a bit longer. It will be here before you know it! ~ Acies
  9. The August Dev Livestream occurred just a few days ago, and a contained a few in-game videos on different aspects of the combat and castle sieges, along with the regular updates.
  10. The New July development update happened on the 31st, linked down below. The discussion covered a number of improvements made to the core game, updates on the development team's status, etc. Of course, as the months continue to pass, it can be difficult to remember why this game is so interesting and in my personal opinion, why it has so much potential as the next great MMORPG on the market. Here is a relatively new video made this month by TheLazyPeon, an MMO reviewer and youtuber. He'll go into greater detail on all the various topics that make Ashes of Creation so interesting, and why we should care about it's development. Can I also just say how much I enjoy seeing a game being openly discussed by it's devs? It's quite a refreshing change of pace, especially to those of us who have a more technical understanding of what goes on behind the scenes of such a project.
  11. The most recent Developer Update happened today over on twitch, and was filled with a great many interesting tidbits about player housing, artisan shops, merchant caravans, and Alpha Stage 1. I'm actually going to link both the recent video and a summary of last months, as they contain the most up-to-date information on the game's status and progression. Here is March's update as well as a summary of the game primary goals: And here's is the Dev stream from May 30th : There will be a gameplay stream tomorrow on May 30, around 1:00pm PDT. I'll add it to the thread once it's available, but if you want to catch it live here is the link: And that's all for now!
  12. Hey all! Just wanted to jump back in and let everyone know that I'll be starting the updates again! I've recently gone through the circle of MMOs that I own (GW2, SWTOR, WOW, FFXIV, etc.), and now I remember why I left most of them in the first place. I need something new, I need that game that draws me in and holds me tight. Unfortunately, there's nothing currently out that really satisfies that itch, but I'm truly hoping that Ashes of Creation can become what I hope for in a modern MMORPG. Of course, expectations are to be curtailed, as I'm sure we've all been burnt in the past by false starts. Yet, everything I'm seeing about AoC shows that the developers do indeed care, and are continually making progress. The launch timeline is a little wonky with the way everything has been going this year, but it looks like the hype train is slowly picking back up as the highest level backers got their first glimpses at the game! To this end, I'm already a backer and I'd love to enter the game on launch day with a full group of fellow Remnants, ready to break ground on the untouched soil of a new land! Feel free to comment on what your hopes for Ashes of Creation might be, and discuss what makes you excited to see as the AoC team roles out more information on the game's development. So, TLDR: I'm back, and back to updating on the development of AoC!
  13. The developer stream went really well and was focused on the Pre-Alpha look, and feel, of the official MMO. They posted a video on their youtube account (linked below). Lots of comments on the graphics. Kind of depends on the individual I suppose. At this point, most of the assets in the game are simple placeholders and are subject to change.
  14. Developer Livestream happening now on Twitch. 12/13/2018 at 1:00 PST. https://www.twitch.tv/ashesofcreation
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