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    Art, Painting, Hiking, Swimming, Traveling, Video Games

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    Vickali, Hartul
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    Jedi Shadow
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  1. until

    rDPS if you've still got room.
  2. ArkSerpent

    Gree World Bosses


    mDPS or squishy shadow tank
  3. ArkSerpent

    Apprentices of Fear


    Backup tank/mDPS, but be aware my tank is a squishy shadow, so don't pair me up with another shadow or the healers will hate you.
  4. mDPS. Also, why is this held in Iowa??
  5. ArkSerpent

    VMOPs Karagga's Palace


    mDPS and/or off-Tank. Can also do puzzle
  6. until

    Yay, more mat farming! Can bring mDPS or rDPS, whichever you need.
  7. ArkSerpent

    VMOPS Dread Fortress


    If you still have room, I can bring mDPS (Sentinel).
  8. ArkSerpent

    VMOPs Karagga's Chicken


    Sorry, I didn't realize this was Pub side. I only have an undergeared rDPS on Pub side (Dirty Fighting Gunslinger), so if someone else wants to take my spot, they can go ahead.
  9. ArkSerpent

    VMOPs Karagga's Chicken


    mDPS or rDPS depending on what the group needs, just please don't make me do the puzzle
  10. until

    I can bring rDPS. Am hitting 21k - 24k on the dummy... hopefully, we can pass Styrak's DPS check.
  11. until

    I can bring rDPS.
  12. until

    Finally, I can complete this quest in my log! I'll bring mDPS (Juggernaut) unless you really need rDPS (Sorcerer).
  13. until

    If you're running this 16 man, I could bring a mDPS (Sentinel).
  14. until

    Melee or ranged DPS.
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