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    Composer, sociologist.

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    Junah Kr'Vohn, Vaelihn Kr'Vohn, Vainen Kr'Vohn
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    Jedi Guardian
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    Jeul Martin, Junah Martin, Broke-Nose Lyam, Ironwrought Amos, Lovaelihn, Blix Damaris, Marcus Creel, Eliza Falkanay, Vasha Volihn
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    Mi'Rik Dahl, Vaelihn kr'Vohn, Jeul Martin, Junah Martin,

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    Junah Arc-Chaser
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  1. ***Times below are Eastern Standard Time : Make Sure To Convert To Your Time Zone*** Sunday 7:00 PM EST: WvW w/ Mists Department -- What better way to start the week than to head into the Mists to fight the good fight?!?! Time to cap some towers and sneak some keeps! No level or gear required! You must be on Tarnished Coast or a linked server to enter the Mists with us. 8:45 PM EST: sPvP w/ Mists Department -- Join us for unranked and ranked! No experience necessary! Hone your skill with us in Conquest or pair up with a friend for ranked! Please note, we will not be running tournaments during this event. No level or gear required! 9:00 PM EST: Achievement Hunting -- A rotating set of events designed to help people get the critical achievements and mastery points they need. Let the PvE Department know on Discord what achievements you're aiming for! Monday 7:30 PM EST: Guild Missions w/ Crafting Department -- Guild missions are a great way to meet your guild-mates! This is our most popular event, it offers a chill environment, various activities, and you don't even need a max level character to participate or any DLCs! If you have never participated in guild missions before, we always explain how to do things and offer help! 7:45 PM EST: Raffle w/ Crafting Department -- THIS IS A MONTHLY EVENT for full members -- 2g per ticket (up to 10 tickets). Raffle will be drawn right before guild missions on the last Sunday of the month. For information on how to join, check here! 10:00 PM EST: Miscellaneous Monday w/ PvE Department -- A grab bag event of PvE content, including beginner-friendly map completion, dungeons, seasonal events, and whatever else seems fun. Always accepting suggestions for content, and willing to be flexible! Tuesday 9:00 PM EST: Raid Night w/ Raid Department -- (is this still accurate: This event is aiming to take the bosses we have on our current farm list and become proficient at clearing them on the 1st pull to maximize all the shinies we get in the allotted time frame.) Expectations and rules concerning RoH raids may be further explored here. 10:00 PM EST: WvW w/ Mists Department -- Another night of WvW fun and adventure. Let's get back in and cap some camps and attack more dolyaks! No level or gear required! You must be on Tarnished Coast or a paired server to enter the Mists with us. Wednesday 8:00 PM EST: sPvP -- Structured PvP for those that feel the call of battle! Come join our experienced PvP players as you fight for dominance in a variety of maps. Any skill or experience level is welcome - we love to teach players new to sPvP! 9:30 PM EST: WvW w/ Mists Department -- More WvW fun - all builds and experience levels are welcome! Thursday 8:00 PM EST: sPvP -- Another fun night of combat and camaraderie - any skill or experience level is welcome! 9:00 PM EST: Strike Missions w/ Raid Department -- Interested in Raid but not sure you're quite ready? Strike missions may be what you're looking for! Come have fun with guildies and get in some practice. Friday 7:00 PM EST: Fractal Night w/ PvE Department -- An hour of fractal dailies! We'll divide into groups of 5 and get some fractal clears. All experience levels & AR levels welcome. 7:15 PM EST: Fishing w/ Crafting Department -- Looking for a low-stress way of making some money and supplies? Would you like to hang out and go fishing with friends? This is the place for you! No experience required! 9:00 PM EST: WvW Reset Night w/ Mists Department -- Grab that extra supply from our garrison, meet up in Lion's Arch and get ready to spam the portal to beat that queue! Venture into the eternal war of the Mists right at the start of a new battle and help us start our server off on a high note for the weekly match up, causing whatever trouble we can along the way! No level or gear required! You must be on Tarnished Coast or a paired server to enter the Mists with us. Saturday 11:00 am EST: sPvP w/ Mists Department - As with our Wednesday night event, come join our experienced PvP players as you fight for dominance in a variety of maps. Any skill or experience level is welcome - we love to teach players new to sPvP! 6:00 PM EST: Meta Train w/ PvE Department -- All aboard the map meta train! We'll run a series of meta events across Tyria, from world bosses to more extended metas. Schedule & requirements will be posted to Discord prior to the event. Please reach out for any questions! 9:00 PM EST: Raid Night w/ Raid Department -- Still need your raid for the week? This event is for you. Join for some clears, learn some bosses, and have fun. No set wings; we will gather interest and build the groups and wings from there! 9:00 PM EST: WvW w/ Mists Department -- More WvW fun, often stretching into the night! You can find the Official Schedule for the GW2 Team on the calendar in the future! If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the Recruitment Team or check out any of the department pages to get more information. Best of luck with your trial!
  2. Congratulations and Welcome! You have been accepted as a Trial Member in Remnants of Hope! The next stage of your journey is a two-week trial period where we get to know each other better. The trial ensures you are a good fit for RoH and that RoH is a good fit for you. We have broken it down for you into easy, discrete tasks. The Trial Process consists of the following objectives, which need to be completed in the next two weeks. Trial Objectives: Join the guild in game (an invite will be sent shortly). Join Discord within the first 7 days of your trial. Link your Discord account with your Forum Account Sign up for notifications for departments you're interested in Post answers to the following questions in the Discord #gw2-general text channel Main Character Name: Account Name: GW2 Events You're Interested In: Favorite Festival (In game or In Real Life) (optional): Set a forum avatar. Check out the forums! A couple areas to get you started: Introduce yourself to other trial members in their application thread Strike up some conversation in the Social Party Zone or General Discussion sections Discuss topics about GW2 in the Guild Wars 2 section Post an introduction in your application thread. We would love to get to know you better! This is a separate introduction then your application and questions in the discord. Tell us about yourself! Let us know what hobbies you like, if you have anything fun coming up, pets, family, favorite recipe, whatever you'd like to share so we can just learn more about the awesome person that you are! Read and sign our Rules and Regulations thread. Post answers to the following questions in your application thread: What two offices are elected in Remnants of Hope? Who is the High Elder currently? Who is the GW2 Division Commander currently? Who are the GW2 Department Officers, and what Departments do they head? Participate in 2 events. If you have any trouble finding events that fit your level or schedule, please ask any Officer or Assistant for help choosing events. A scheduled event Or any activity in game with two other [RoH] members such as fractals, dungeons, map completion. Please take a screenshot of the activity and post to this application. Interview: When you have completed the objectives above, the GW2 Recruitment Department will contact you about an interview. The GW2 Recruitment Officer (RO) or an GW2 Recruitment Assistant will contact you to schedule your end of trial review that will take place on Discord. This conversation will be recorded and provided to the GW2 Officers and Division Commander (DC), allowing them to vote on your full membership. If you have questions or concerns about a recorded voice review, please contact the GW2 Recruitment Officer to discuss alternate options. We will cover two main topics: Your trial period and how it went. Your future with the guild. THIS IS IMPORTANT If you haven't fulfilled all of the objectives by the two-week mark, your application will be declined. If you violate the Code of Conduct or are otherwise not a good fit with the guild, your application will be declined. If there are special circumstances and you need an extension, please contact the GW2 Recruitment Officer. We'd love for you to get involved in all the events we offer, so please check out our Social Party Zone forum for games/contests, the calendar for all in-game events, and also our GW2 Beginners Guide, which has lots of great info and resources. GW2 Leadership: Division Commander: @Skaal (he/him) (Skaal.9362) Recruitment Officer: @Jeul (Jeul.1068) PvP/WvW Officer @Kelian (KelianRavenwood.4130) Raid Officer: @t_rodge (trodge.5724) PvE Officer: @Echo (Echo.3725) RP Officer: Crafting Officer: @Little Dragon (She/Her) (littledragon.4165) GW2 Recruitment Assistants:@Ajjaxx (he/him) (Ajjaxx.4029), @Barstool Prophet (Barstoolprophet.1792), @Cybele (Cybele.8574), & @Thammarat (He/Him/His) (Thammarat.4185) If you have any questions during about your trial please contact a member of the GW2 Recruitment Department

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