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  1. until

  2. until

    Sounds fun
  3. until

    What ever is needed. If you need me to tank, I'll need to learn the tanking bits.
  4. until

  5. until

  6. Any especially if you're willing to teach tank. Otherwise Heal or DPS
  7. until

    I'll do this again. What ever role you want me for.
  8. Since this is SM i'll play any role, though I'm still new to Tanking.
  9. until

    Awesome on the prog team. I hope you enjoy.
  10. until

    I'll play whatever. Though I'm new to tanking.
  11. until

    I was on the dying team at the end.
  12. until

    Heals Please
  13. until

    Heals please.
  14. until

    Heal or DPS
  15. until

    I can run Whatever, though I've never tanked it before.
  16. Heals
  17. until

    Heal or DPS
  18. until

    Healer Please
  19. until

    Healer please
  20. until

    Heals or rDPS if you have to many healers
  21. until

    Heal or rDPS
  22. until

    Heal or rDPS
  23. until

  24. until

  25. until

    Heals or rDPS if needed.

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