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  1. Happy belated Birthday @Monsieurduck.  Hope it was a good one!

  2. Have a very happy Birthday!! I hope you are doing well, and look forward to your return! :) 


    happy birthday minions GIF

  3. Ducky I hope you are doing well out there <3 

  4. Happy Birthday Duck, hope all is well. Miss playing with you man! Hit me up on steam sometime in the future will ya? Best wishes and i hope your day is treating you well! :) 

  5. Happy birthday Duck! Hope all is well! 

  6. Salut Monsieurduck. Bon anniversaire!


  7. Happiest of days!  Happy Birthday, Monsieur!

    1. Izzy


      Good morning, :bye:

         I've been trying to figure out how to be accepted into the guild. I came across a link that suggested Social Pary Zone, but when I clicked on it, it was not accessible. Really confused about the process of being accepted. (Sorry.)  I don't know how to join in because I don't have access to guild members. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

      Did you received the verification of my email address? Not even sure that went through. I don't want to mess up. Haven't had much help in learning this game, even though it's been a I'm kind of plodding along here.

      Once again...thank you for your patience.

      Do you notify people in the game at the mailboxes? My friend, Llysara, is also confused. That is why she posted in the application area. I answered her there. (Sorry, again.) Guess were super confused.

      PS: Belated Happy Birthday!! :blush:

      Just me, Izzy and her cat, Izzy (Adaradin)




  8. Happy Birthday!!

    1. Monsieurduck


      Thank you thank you!

    2. Telana


      Happy birthday Duck!! Hope you have a wonderful day! 

  9. I just realized 3 days ago was my first anniversary as a member of RoH. I love you guys.

  10. New Symphony X album came out and nobody told me. What's the world coming to?