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    Gw2 (Dur), SPLATOON!!!, League Of Legends, How To Train Your Dragon (AWESOMEST THING EVER!), Build-a-bear (have so many...), ICE CREAM!, Reeses' Chocolate <3, Snakes/Reptiles, WiiU Console and games, Hyrule Warriors, Legend Of Zelda, Pokemon, 50 Shades Of Grey (Yea yea I know, I know...), Markiplier (youtuber)

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  1. Happy birthday Peace!

  2. Have a wonderful Happy Birthday, PeaceInLove! I hope your day is AWESOME!




  3. PeaceInLove

    Mah Characters! *UPDATED*

    Images of all 13 of my awesome characters! Some are oldies that got a make over compared to my old gallery of character shots. Needless to say it is interesting to see how they've changed over the years!
  4. Pregnancy, first day, and 10 months old. Time flies by fast <3


  5. Here's my little bundle of joy! :D One Year old as of August 25th!


  6. Hey guys! 

    Only 8 more days until I'm due! Holy crap has time flown! 

    I'll keep everyone posted on when I have my baby! 


    Miss everyone and miss gaming with you all. Hopefully when baby's down for naps I can squeeze in some time to chat with everyone! ♡

    2016-07-04 14.24.03.jpg


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    2. PeaceInLove


      Tallon... I think you are a month behind lol. 

      This month is August silly :P

      My birthday was in July :)

      But regardless I'm really flippin excited!

    3. Guest


      congratulations Peace! i'll be praying for your quick recovery ( from the delivery that is)  and for a happy baby :D!

    4. Prancing Mad

      Prancing Mad

      Congratulations! Here's hoping to a happy healthy baby!

  7. 9 Weeks Pregnant! So excited! :Smilies_Bananas_Dancing2:


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    2. Sayuri


      Congratulations!!! :D 

    3. Aurelious
    4. Blademartial


      Congrats!  First baby?  If so, even larger congrats!  Here's to a happy, healthy baby and mommy!

  8. KITTEH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO PET DEH KITTEH!!!!!
  9. My summoner name is "peaceinlove" (I know HOW original right?) I main Support, ADC and Mid (but mid VERY rarely). If anyone EVER wants to do an ARAM match feel free to add me up because I LOVE THAT SH*T! :3 Just send me an invite and a message telling me who u are so I can put a note on your account name and sort ya into my GW2 Friend folder <3
  10. March 16th 2014. 2:15pm... My world ended....

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    2. Emma


      *Hugs* We love you, Peace! Please tell me if I can help you in any way.

    3. Scoobs


      sorry for your loss Peace. Praying for you

    4. PeaceInLove


      Thank you everyone, it really means a lot to me to know even though we all only know each other in a virtual world, that you're all amazing friends and that you've all been there to help me out in my toughest times. Again thank you <3 :')

  11. Engaged and getting married sometime soon!!! :D

    1. Emma



      PICS PLEASE!!!

    2. Guest


      Wow, Congrats!

  12. Been super busy lately... not sure when I'll be on GW2 again... hoping for tomorrow!

  13. TACOS FOR LUNCH!! YAY!! <3

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