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    Hey team, @Aravail @Orig Wrangler @Rama @Vorn @MO-0519. We currently are down 2 people (technically 3, but MO stepped up!), which means that no matter what happens we won't be progressing on MM SnV tonight. If you guys really want to do something, I'll do my best to find replacements and we can do something casual. However, I'd also be perfectly happy taking a night off and regroup next week to work on our actual progression again. It's been a pretty busy week for me. Let me know what you guys think! I'll be texting each of you as well, and if the majority want to take the night off we'll do that
  2. until

    @MO-0519 Sayuri can't make it, can I tag you in?
  3. until
    Hey look! I'm not posting the day of Primaries @Katalaw @Aravail @Madhatter5510 @Sayuri @Orig Wrangler @Rama @Sithlike @Vorn Alternates @MO-0519
  4. until

    Don't think I can make it tomorrow night, sorry guys
  5. until

    Looks like I might be good tonight, plans getting shuffled around. I'll pop on in case you still need me
  6. until

    Probably can't this Friday, I might have a date
  7. until
    We've had a nice little break, time to go hit on Styrak again! Primaries @Katalaw @Aravail @Madhatter5510 @Sayuri @Rama @Sithlike @Vorn Alternates @MO-0519
  8. until
    We're off this week, time to recover from the DC/Vegas insanity!
  9. until

    Last raid night before a little break! Next week we'll be taking off since myself and some others will be unavailable.
  10. until
    We're down Orig this night, so we'll need a backup. @MO-0519 you down for it? Don't forget that start time is 8:30pm EDT! That's half an hour earlier than our old start time from a few months ago (*cough cough* @Sayuri *cough*) Primaries @Katalaw @Aravail @Madhatter5510 @Sayuri @Rama @Sithlike @Vorn Alternates @MO-0519 @AidenRhen
  11. until

    @MO-0519 how's your DPS gear looking?
  12. until

    O. M. G.
  13. until

    @Madhatter5510 @Scya @MO-0519 @Rama Any of you interested in joining us this weekend? This is on the Imp side.
  14. until
    PROPS time! We're going to be down Orig this week, so I'm looking for a backup. @AidenRhen or @MO-0519, you guys interested? MO if you haven't gotten your gear updated yet, you might be able to run a few ops this weekend to bump up to 248. And I really hope I tagged the right person that we talked to last Tuesday... let me know if I'm wrong Hatter. Primaries @Katalaw @Aravail @Sayuri @Rama @Sithlike @Vorn @Madhatter5510 Alternates @AidenRhen
  15. until
    Welcome back Scions! We've had a couple weeks off, and now it's time to wake up, dust off our keyboards, and get back into raiding! You know the drill, VM Temple of Sacrifice at 10pm EDT. RSVP and let me know ASAP if you can't make it! Tank: @Sayuri Tank: @Owyn Healer: @Aravail Healer: @KageSennen DPS: @Katalaw DPS: @AidenRhen DPS: @Sithlike DPS: @Vorn

Congratulations to Kingston75, Katalaw, Stormtree & DoohickeyJones on being chosen Members of the Month for June for their primary divisions!

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