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  1. until

    Change of plans! I got to move my thing a bit earlier, so it'll be tight but I'll be able to come tonight
  2. until

    There's a good chance I can't make it tonight, @Cixial @Andah @Orig Wrangler are any of you guys available for backup? Imp side Scions @ 10pm ET.
  3. I can come if you guys need me. I'll hang around in TS at 9et in case you do
  4. until

    I don't think I'll be able to do this Sunday, got plans with friends.
  5. until

    I'll be around for backup
  6. until

    fake news
  7. until

    Hey there! Scions is a closed roster, but occasionally we do have spots open when our regular members can't make it. It starts at 10pm ET, and my suggestion would be to post on the events in advance if you'd like to fill in as backup. You can also pop in around 10pm to see if we're full or need any backup
  8. until

    Yup. Somehow I always manage to miss one of the rsvps... I could have sworn I hit both of them this time
  9. until

    Should be good for DPS or Tank, though give my spot to others if we have enough sign up
  10. until

    I'll be around for backup!
  11. until

    I'll be out of town visiting a friend on this weekend
  12. until

    If we fill up def prioritize others over me. I'll still show up incase someone drops out. @Tyrlo I think we'll need you on heals. Also is @Kij coming? If so then you should be good on Tanks. Otherwise @Passiflora or @RaVem may need to bust out a pro tank for Dash'roode, Titan 6, and the Cartel Warlords. Thrasher can be solo tanked if you let the DPS get threat at the start to get knocked up. Operations Chief only needs one tank (send them to Blue and 2 DPS to Red), and Olok the Shadow is a bit of a joke fight anyway. Then Styrak needs 5 DPS, so it wouldn't be the end of the world if you only had the one.
  13. until

    More than likely will be there, Tank or Deeps
  14. until

    I'll make it!
  15. until

    @Kij should be there or BE SQUARE!

Congratulations to Marjevante & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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