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    Back from our break into MM SnV! Primaries @Aravail @Katalaw @Sayuri @Rama @Orig Wrangler @Vorn @brnji @Sithlike Alternates @Madhatter5510 @Hippy
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    Hey all! Since Orig and Sayuri are out this week we'll have a short fun night of gearing. We're gonna run SM and VM Queen for gear and that's it. We'll need at least two people to fill in for backup, so RSVP if you're available! @Aravail @Katalaw @brnji @Vorn @Rama @Sithlike @Hippy @RaVem
  3. until
    Hey all! Sorry for the late post, been a crazy week! Lemme know asap if you can't make it tomorrow. Primaries @Aravail @Katalaw @Sayuri @Rama @Orig Wrangler @Sithlike @Vorn @brnji Alternates @Hippy @RaVem
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    @Sayuri @Sithlike rsvp! I sent you messages Orig won't be coming, @Drevina are you available?
  5. until
    MMMMMMMSSSSNNNNNVVVV Primaries @Aravail @Katalaw @Sayuri @Rama @Orig Wrangler @Sithlike @Vorn @brnji Alternates @Drevina @Hippy @RaVem
  6. until
    You know the drill, MM SnV here we come! Primaries @Aravail @Katalaw @Sayuri @Rama @Orig Wrangler @Sithlike @Vorn @brnji Alternates @Drevina @Hippy @RaVem
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    @Sawatar I see you rsvp'd maybe, can you come tonight?? We for sure need at least one person to fill in
  8. until
    Fun week tomorrow night! We're taking a break from MM SnV and we'll be doing SM and VM Queen for some gear. Orig will be out this week, so we need at least one of our alternate-turned-primaries to join us! Primaries @Hippy @RaVem @Passiflora @Tyrlo Alternates @Aravail @Katalaw @Sayuri @Rama @Orig Wrangler @Sithlike @Vorn @brnji RSVP if you can make it! If you're on the outside looking in and think you've got the chops to do MM, post below
  9. until
    Let's go! Tonight we're going to go straight into MM SnV for the full 2.5 hours to see where we land. Primaries @Aravail @Katalaw @Sayuri @Rama @Orig Wrangler @Sithlike @Vorn @brnji Alternates @Hippy @RaVem @Passiflora @Tyrlo
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    FYI, this is pub side
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    You know the drill! We're going to start off the night with a quick SM run of the Bug Lady to grab some 252 gear, then we'll be diving into MM SnV. Primaries @Aravail @Katalaw @Sayuri @Rama @Orig Wrangler @Amarix @Vorn @brnji Alternates @Sithlike @Hippy @RaVem @Passiflora @Tyrlo
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    Also @Rama @Vorn @Aravail @Tyrlo @Orig Wrangler @Amarix, would any of you guys be around for backup if we need it?
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    Such a pro!
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    Back to MM SnV! Let's get to Styrak tonight Starting this week Rama will be joining us full-time as a primary raider, while Passi takes a back seat as an alternate. Thanks Passi! We hope you still pop in once in a while Primaries @Tyrlo @Aravail @Sayuri @Rama @Katalaw @Orig Wrangler @Amarix @Vorn Alternates @brnji @Sithlike @Hippy @RaVem @Passiflora

Congratulations to Madhatter5510, KalianVan & Felipe on being chosen Members of the Month for April for their primary divisions!

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