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  1. Katalaw


    Welcome back to progression! We've cleared out all of our easy-peasy ops and we're ready to start going at it again. This week we'll be going into VM Temple of Sacrifice to take a crack at Revan. Primaries @Katalaw @Sayuri @Aravail @Vorn @Orig Wrangler @Rama @Aedi Lanigiro @Yiss Alternates @Cixial @Hippy @Slyfoxmartin @Madhatter5510 @Jed
  2. until
    This week we're going to go for a clear of Dread Palace. After that, we'll be going into VM Temple of Sacrifice to get some practice in on that op. After this week we'll be progressing on Ravagers and ToS. @Sayuri is out this week, but @Hippy will be taking her place for heals! Primaries @Katalaw @Aravail @Yiss @Orig Wrangler @Vorn @Aedi Lanigiro @Rama Alternates @Cixial @Madhatter5510 @Slyfoxmartin @Jed
  3. until

    I can bring a dps if you need it
  4. until

  5. until

    I can be backup derps
  6. until
    We're back! Happy new year and welcome to 2020 woooo! Last year we were playing around in some VM ops, and I'd like to continue doing so tonight with both Dread ops. Time to get that Brontes kill again (and hopefully this year it won't be a magical dot that finishes her off). This should be the last round of "easy" VM ops, so start working on those gear sets! After this week we'll be going to clear Ravagers, Temple of Sacrifice, Gods from the Machine, and Nature of Progress. Primaries @Katalaw @Aravail @Sayuri @Rama @Orig Wrangler @Vorn @Yiss @Aedi Lanigiro Alternates @Cixial @Madhatter5510 @Slyfoxmartin @Jed
  7. Katalaw


    Hey all! I'm going to be cancelling PROPS tomorrow night as well. I'm still out of town and don't have a computer, so we'll return for our 2020 season next week on 1/14!
  8. until

    I'll be in Texas without a computer, sorry!
  9. Katalaw


    Happy new year!!
  10. Katalaw


    Merry Christmas Eve!
  11. until
    Get ready, this is gonna be our last raid of 2019! To celebrate (lol) we're going to skip the Dread ops and go into my FAVORITE op: Ravagers We will need at least one volunteer and someone to tank! Primaries @Katalaw @Aravail @Sayuri @Rama @Orig Wrangler @Vorn @Aedi Lanigiro Alternates @Yiss @Cixial @Poje @Madhatter5510 @Slyfoxmartin @Jed
  12. until

    I can come and bring a DPS if you have a spot open
  13. until
    Hey everyone! So last week we definitely felt the burn of not having enough gear to meet the DPS checks in Temple of Sacrifice. Tonight we'll be doing a full two hours of gearing in MM flashpoints to finish getting everyone up to par. I'll be out tonight, so we do have at least one opening for a spot in one of the two four-man teams. RSVP if you can make it (and if you're not in 306 gear, please make a big effort to be here so we can get you upgraded)! Scions @Sayuri @Aravail @KageSennen @Aravail @AidenRhen @Vorn @Owyn Plus frands @Saal @Rama @Orig Wrangler @Kij @Yiss
  14. until

    We've got @Yiss @Cixial @Sayuri and @Orig Wrangler coming tonight, so that should be everyone!
  15. until
    Hey everyone! Tonight we're going into two VM operations, Scum and Villainy and Colossal Monolith. We'll need at least two fill-ins, so step on up if you're an alternate! Primaries @Katalaw @Aravail @Sayuri @Rama @Orig Wrangler @Aedi Lanigiro Alternates @Poje @Slyfoxmartin @Jed @Yiss