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  1. Allow me to intervene for a moment here, because i think we need to also look at examples that worked before if we want this to succeed. When we created the ESO Division, i was the first Division Commander. I had previously been PvE Officer for GW2, and had been in RoH for 3 years. With me i had one of the most experienced teams i could've asked for. I Had Tyrtaeus as my RP Officer (Been in RoH for over half a decade, former EC), Lagerfueled as RO and Spearhead of the proposal ( had been in RoH for longer than i had), and Exoniensis as my PvE officer(Also back then over 4 years of RoH). Why is it important to point that out? Because you need to have people in power that understand and are willing to enforce, and most important here, instil and defend our values and steer the ship in case we get a tidal wave of new people that don't quite get what we're all about. Those experienced people are the "elders of the village", that will whip the new blood into shape so that they can be the next generation of leaders and role models. Divisions that flourished in the history of our community were divisions that were created with a strong foundation, based around people who could serve as role models, or we risk a spiral of reformations upon reformations, division meltdown after division meltdown. This is a special kind of problem with games such as FF XIV, because it already has history, it already has guilds that work in a certain way, and we'll be the odd ones out. With that said, we most definitely want to have as many people who play the game together as we can, and we certainly don't want to server transfer people around before we are actually agreed upon where our home will be. I realize a lot of people are already on Mateus, so you guys want to do that on Mateus. That puts me firmly out of the proposal, because i have to buy the next expansion, as well as continue to pay for my sub. I realize that for most here this doesn't seem much, but Dollar-to-real conversion makes the cost simply prohibitive for me if i have to add to that a server transfer.
  2. Problem is that a lot of us are spread across a multitude of different servers due to the trial version, that doesn't allow us to create toons on Mateus. I was already a part of a Division creation process, so i'm willing to help, but i can't really afford to foot the bill on a transfer.
  3. Theodore Shant - Balmung, Crystal DC Whenever possible, i'd love an invite.
  4. Hey everyone. So i started my free trial of this game pretty recently, and i'm slowly starting to enjoy it. However, i couldn't create my character on Mateus(wasn't accepting new characters), only on Balmung. Can i play with you guys at all? Is there a way to transfer servers, and if there is, how do i do it in a permanent fashion? Thanks.
  5. Happy Birthday Shant!

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       Thank you for wishing me well, Aravail! :) 

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    Happy Birthday, Shant! Hope it's an awesome one!

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      Thanks Hrom, it was pretty awesome, i'm really glad you took your time to wish me well, right back at you, hope everything is going well in your school and life. :) 

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      Thanks man, and i did! Thanks for taking your time to wish me well! :) 

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      Aww thanks Eli! My family threw a great party for me, so i'm just chilling today. Thanks for taking the time to wish me well. You're awesome!

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      Happy birthday @Shant! We're the 3 best friend that could found a division anyone could have ;) 

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      I'm sorry for not showing up for this fellas. Thanks for taking your time to give me best wishes on my birthday. I have currently been away from this community, but i hope you 2 are enjoying your time! :)

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