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  • Birthday 09/05/1988

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    Vitoria - Brazil
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    Videogames, RPGs, Tabletop Games, Politics, Economy, History, Business, Law. I like to talk about a lot of stuff.

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    Jedi Guardian
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    Shant Hassildor, Shantea Avenicci, Shant Stormcloak, Shantea Menethil, Talisse Larethal

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Shant! Im sorry I missed the day!!

  2. Happy Birthday @Shant


    Miss you!

    1. Shant


      Thank you very much Eli!

      Haven't been on here much, but i appreciate you taking your time  to give me your best wishes. :) 

    2. Elisel


      Hope you are doing well and staying safe and healthy!

  3. Happy Birthday !!! Have a good one !!!

    1. Shant


      Thanks Michael!

      Haven't been on much, but i appreciate you taking your time to give me your best wishes.

  4. Happy Birthday Shant!

    1. Shant


       Thank you for wishing me well, Aravail! :) 

  5. Hrom

    Happy Birthday, Shant! Hope it's an awesome one!

    1. Shant


      Thanks Hrom, it was pretty awesome, i'm really glad you took your time to wish me well, right back at you, hope everything is going well in your school and life. :) 

  6. Happy Birthday!! Do something awesome :) 

    1. Shant


      Thanks man, and i did! Thanks for taking your time to wish me well! :) 

  7. Happy Birthday @Shant!!! I hope you are doing well and your birthday is just as awesome as you!

    1. Shant


      Aww thanks Eli! My family threw a great party for me, so i'm just chilling today. Thanks for taking the time to wish me well. You're awesome!

  8. Happy birthday to my amazingly awesome friend. I hope you have a great day bud!

    1. Tyrtaeus


      Happy birthday @Shant! We're the 3 best friend that could found a division anyone could have ;) 

    2. Shant


      I'm sorry for not showing up for this fellas. Thanks for taking your time to give me best wishes on my birthday. I have currently been away from this community, but i hope you 2 are enjoying your time! :)

  9. Happy birthday @Shant. Been a long time.

  10. Happy Birthday Shant!

  11. Happy birthday Shant!! 🎂

  12. Happy Birthday, Shant!  Hope all is going well for you.  Sim

  13. Have a very Happy Birthday!! 🎉

  14. Happy birthday Sweetbunny!


     Best wishes and i hope you have an awesome and blessed day! :) 

  15. Happy Birthday Deyna! Best wishes and i hope you had a fantastic day my friend! :) 

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