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    eSports for Halo, CoD, and LoL. Hunting/fishing, reading, learning anything about space, ancient Greece and Rome

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  1. What are you usually into? I just finished the Pendragon series again which I would recommend. Currently reading the subtle art of not giving a f which has been fun so far.
  2. I love your name admiral bunny. Have you ever read watership down?

  3. birth8.jpg


    Hope you have a great day! 

  4. Happy Birthday Admiral Bunny!


    How goes it, sir? Long time no see! Still writting on eSports? Still with Denial or found a new team?


    Best wishes and i hope you have a fantastic day! :) 

Congratulations to Pupp, Jed, Feladris & jermz1804 on being chosen Members of the Month for October for their primary divisions!

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