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    Gaming, DUH!! Movies, shopping, writing, and anything new! I live to explore new possibilities!

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    Sayurì, Izumì, Shiraku, Akiriti, Azumì, Miko-kiri, Tatskì
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    Jedi Sage
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  1. Happy Birthday!  You will always be my Empress ❤️

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Sayuri!!

  4. Please forgive me, my Empress, for missing your birthday! 

    Hope it was as amazing as you ❤️ 



  5. I hope you have a very happy birthday!! ✨


    cute aww GIF

  6. until

    This is my B-Day so I wouldn’t count on me being around. I’ll update closer to go time though. I was told to keep my B-day free but not what that means
  7. until

    I wont home until 8:45-9pm EST tonight. Put down a maybe in case you just want to replace me. @Katalaw
  8. until

    I believe patch dropped today. Be sure to log in sooner rather than later. Staring at you @Aravail CANCEL! Patch is tomorrow not today.
  9. until

    please start watching videos of these fights between weeks. There is a lot that goes on and long explanations to be had that honestly fall on deaf ears without seeing it. This will help us progress faster. Above are some from various viewpoints. i didnt watch all these personally to assess if they are using the same strategies so pay attention to the mechanics at play and how they are being dealt with.
  10. until

    I should be around if you need a fill. I havent done like any dps in 6.0 even though im geared so wont be too big on those charts but should be fine enough for this one
  11. until

    Hell yea! I wont be late this week now! Thanks @Katalaw!
  12. until

    Going to be a minimum of 15 mins late to a max of 30
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