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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you are doing well

  2. Neo

    Noooo I missed it too. Miss you Tallon, hope you had a wonderful birthday! ❤️

  3. Howdy! Sorry to have missed your birthday; I was in training, and didn't keep up with the forums. Hope you had the best day, and have the best year ever!

  4. @Tallon!!!  I'm so sorry to have missed your birthday. I was out of town this weekend and just catching up on forums.  I hope it was amazing.  I really, really miss you were.  You are such a positive influence on our community and one of the best leaders we ever had. Plus I loved playing with you in ESO and SWTOR.  Take care!

  5. Happy birthday @Tallon. Miss you 

  6. Image result for you've got mail

    1. Telana


      Me coming to your house like..






  7. My only child moved to the other side of the country yesterday.  So very hard...

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    2. Elisel


      Oh @Tallon :( 

      I can only imagine. My stepdaugther moved two hours away and I had / having a tough time. I cannot imagine other side of the country. If ever want to talk, vent, cry, I'm here.

    3. Tallon


      Thank you for the hugs and shoulders.  It means alot.  The move is only for six months then it is over seas somewhere for two years.  So yeah it is a huge change to adjust to.  

    4. Stargirl


      I’m sure they miss you but they’re on the best coast now and it’s hard to not love the est you can’t spell best without est. and you can face time and everything but I understand my brother is 4 hours away at college and my mom is still a bit crazy about that. I for one can’t wait to leave this house and go to college. 

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