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  1. Image result for hugs

    1. Telana


      Aww, thanks @Bubblegum! Miss you ❤️ *hugs*


  2. hello. you still check in

    1. Azzareth


      Hi bubblegum, I check in every once in awhile. I hope you are doing well.

  3. Sorry I'm late getting back to you all!!!!  Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes!!!!!

    1. Telana


      Hope you had a wonderful bday Bubbles! Best wishes to you!! ❤️ 

    2. Bubblegum


      I was a great day!!!  Just happy to not be as busy that I can get back to playing a bit more!!!!!  Oh @Tallon Dark events are happening in D & L

  4. Hope all will sign up for raid for Wed night!  There is also a division  meeting on Tuesday!!!!

  5. Wishing we would have had a better turn out for our second raid night!!!!  A Lil disappointed in those who said they could attend Wed nights and didn't sign up.  Thank you all that attended tonight! We stuck with it and did a great job!!!!

  6. Wants to be home to play....but needs to play RL today.....Blah
  7. Tallon I thought you would like an oreo.  Wonder if I should share one with @Toadwick



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    2. Bubblegum


      Yep and dropped him in..he isn't tamed though....I left him for tel.  He knows it is there.

    3. Tallon


      Thank you!!!  Now can stop looking.

    4. Bubblegum


      We can start searching for something else now