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  1. Before anyone sees the video I'm going to put up a spoiler warning as of right now! If your not far into the story of FF14 then don't spoil it for yourself unless you don't care about spoilers.
  2. I'v been doing well, been keeping busy. I quit WoW shortly after BFA launched. I was not happy with the direction of the story and lost interest in playing. I jumped back into FF14 after Shadowbringers was announced and I decided to start a character on Mateus. Since then I have several jobs at 60...I have a Palace of the Dead/Heaven on High addiction....I heard the more active players moved to Malboro so I jumped ship to follow them. I'll catch ya online sometime?
  3. (pokes head out of corner...sees a wild @Daliluin.....eyes shoot to top of forehead and jumps from around corner in an attempt to bear hug Dali while screaming at the top of his lungs) DDDDAAAAAAAALLLLLLIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!! How goes it!!?? =D
  4. Ok, so I moved to Malboro. I'd like to join the FC. My Character name is Grim Mercer.
  5. That’s not to mention the weekly challenge log for the saucer. Mgp is an Untradable currency within the gold saucer
  6. Only reason I ask is cause I want to play with RoH. I like to play with a group of peeps I know.
  7. Ok, So it's official? Malboro?
  8. Most of my play time is during the 1 AM - 4 AM EST's. My work hinders me from playing with the majority of the group unfortunately. I'll move to wherever you guys choose cause the entire reason why I started the FC in the first place was to hang out with my RoH peeps!! =D
  9. I think I poll would be a good way to go for this.
  10. This is true which is why I chose Mateus as my home server. That being said there could be potential IF more RP players migrate by taking advantage of this free server transfer. I totally understand the issue with our peeps trying to get in. It sucks when you can't (and I honestly think they should just mega server the data centers but that's just me.) chill with all your RoH friends. It's why I'm open to this transfer, but my only stipulation would be the RP community. This is also a very valid reason to really analyze the migration if we choose to do so. Also something to consider. Once Shadowbringers hits there will most likely be an abundance of players congesting the servers but once it dies down it will normalize once more opening the avenue for peeps on RoH that haven't started on Mateus to get a chance at getting in. These are all great points we must consider if we are to move forward as a team. At the end of the day trying to get in to Mateus is at times an inconvenience but possible (I had to go through the same thing to get in. I had more luck in the morning than in the afternoon.) but once your in, your set to play with RoH, who is already established with an FC house and a maxed out FC level. On the other hand we could all migrate to a new server and have an easier time for new RoH members to get into it so they can participate with us from the get go. This is something that needs more input from the rest of the community. With that said...
  11. I have no issue with it as long as the transfers are free, however I would like to hit a server with a good RP community.
  12. To be honest...I have been trying to get a plot for months now with little luck, and the times that there IS a plot available you have to camp it until you can buy it or someone will take it before you will. There are even little block parties on empty plots while you wait...
  13. I think that was done a few months back. I'll be online at around 11 PM EST tonight, if you see me throw me a message to add you, my character name is Grim Mercer. If you happen to find someone earlier than that no biggy!
  14. .....I want it...but I don't....but I want it....

Congratulations to Kingston75, Katalaw, Stormtree & DoohickeyJones on being chosen Members of the Month for June for their primary divisions!

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