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  1. Yes, indeed I should have posted that sooner. That was my bad >_<
  2. Before you see the trailer there is a bit of a spoiler for the MSQ. You have been warned!
  3. Zhaydin

    Favorite Signature Move - Any Anime

    I'll have to go with Archer's Reality Marble dubbed Unlimited Blade Works in Fate/Stay Night. BUT Ichigo's Final Getsuga Tensho: Mugetsu, comes in a close second. WITH Hiei's Dragon of the Darkness Flames trailing slightly behind that.
  4. Zhaydin

    FFXIV Eorzea Cafe

    That looks SO cool! And tasty!
  5. Zhaydin

    FC Leader Election Applications.

    I look forward to seeing this FC flourish. Good luck to all applicants.
  6. Zhaydin

    FFXIV Community Meeting

    I might be able to attend. =D
  7. Zhaydin

    Feast S11 Mount

    @Goodsby I wish I was good at PvP....then I'd get a bunch of cool stuffs...sadly....I just suck at it...REALLY REALLY suck at it....like toddler at a keyboard v.s. Pro player suck at it...and I'm the toddler. It burns when I PvP....
  8. Zhaydin

    Feast S11 Mount

    I cry....
  9. this i think should be both Dragoon and Dark Knight limit breaks.
  10. Zhaydin

    RP for Beginners!

    Hello! Welcome once again to an exciting new day in Eorzea! COME ONE! COME ALL WE HAVE A VERY SPECIAL PRESENTATION IN STORE FOR YOOOOOUUU! I'll be hosting an event Tuesday 1/1/2019 at 8 PM EST. The RP event will be a small get together to get a feel for our character by Role Playing them with the rest of the guilds character. This event is none canon in our guild's main story. Its meant for us to dive into our characters and get a better feel of how we want to role play them. The event is a simple tavern "happenstance" where all our characters "happen" to meet at the local tavern over in Limsa Lominsa (The Drowning Wench). If your a beginner to RP or just want to see the event unfold, don't worry about it and just join us for the fun. This is meant to get our feet wet in the RP department so we can look ahead for more!
  11. Zhaydin

    Event Suggestions (Rebooted)

    Sounds like I plan. I'll post it on the calendar. =D *Bear Hugs @witchbolts*

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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