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  1. Hope your birthday is amazing!!



  2. Welcome to the forums @LadOkapi. Thank you for taking the time to fill out an app with us. Someone from GW2's recruitment team will post here with any updates or questions regarding your application, so please keep an eye on this thread for updates. Best of luck!
  3. Hello @Bret and welcome to the forums! Thanks for taking the time to fill out an app with us. Someone from GW2 recruitment will be along to greet you; update you on process. So please keep on eye on this thread for questions and updates. Best of luck with the process!
  4. Hmm, has anyone noticed the cool trend with ESO and our DCs?  That the DCs' significant other also plays with us? 

    We always have a first dude or first lady eh.  First it was @Koro and @Ellenore . Then it was @Daizey and @Darnavian. Followed by @DigitalMonk and @ReignGoddess.  And now it is @Ezoura and the crown thief @Oswald-Plays


    It's just kinda neato how that's played out with the ESO division :)



    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Tyrtaeus


      There's an even better trend with WoW DCs. It's me :p 

    3. Chelly


      Well this way we know they get along with each other :D

    4. Elisel


      Ohhh that's right @Merliah  Another good point :)

  5. Elisel

    Happy Birthday, miss you @ZEE!!!

  6. Happy Birthday!!

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday @Quaxo Zyrustiner

    May it be amazing :) 

  9. Hey! I'm still monitoring the group and I have a plethora of alts at various levels from 11 to 110 (mainly minstrel, hunter, champion). So busy with things, but if I can ever join in, and have an appropriate class and level, I will. Enjoy the journey. It's amazing in Middle Earth.

Congratulations to Lupe, Kitty Chelle & Ennuigo on being chosen Members of the Month for May for their primary divisions!

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