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  1. so sorry, not sure how (or where) to respond. 

    Can you help?


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    2. Elisel


      Glad to do it @cappy329!  So you are joining as a trial member in GW2 and suspect that they were talking about guild missions for tonight?  (Sorry, I don't play GW2, only SWTOR and now of course ESO is my game with RoH.)  All of our events are indeed at EST.  I'm going to tag @Squeeks @Limmy @Halindar and @Siscia , who are the GW2 recruitment team so they can see this and clarify.

      PS - No bother at all and of course you will be worth the trouble.  I think you will find we are the best guild ever, (I might be biased, but still true :) )

    3. Siscia


      hiya, @cappy329! I think you must have talked with @Zang (Neleh Blu or some other character with the last name "Blu"). I'm going to private message you to help you figure things out! :) 

    4. cappy329


      Today I join in SiverWastes with Squeeks group and we took him down.

      I was sooo proud of my DragonHunters performance as a Berserker, he held is own and then some.


      Anyway, Squeeks was kind enough to let me apply this as an activity on my application. So here I am. And I am ready to do it again :) cu soon

      did i post this correctly?