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  1. I don’t know how I missed it but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope it was an awesome day for an amazing woman!! ❤️

    1. Elisel


      Aww thanks!  Yes it was a good day :)  Sure do you miss you Ezo. 

    2. Ezoura


      Miss you too!! BIG TIME!!

  2. I've been a bit out of touch and away, but happy birthday Elisel. I hope it was a great one.

    1. Elisel


      Thank you!!! Yes it was.  And I MISSSSS YOU!

  3. Happy (belated!) birthday! Hope you enjoyed. :D

  4. Happy belated Eli!!! ❤️

  5. Hi Elisel! Happy belated birthday to...us!! 🥳🎂

  6. Happy birthday Eli! 

  7. Oops...late again! Happy birthday! Hope it was a good one, and may you have the best year ever.

    1. Elisel


      Thank you @crosius :)  It was good. I miss you and will miss you more while you are on your leave.  I hope the down time re-energizes you and will see you back soon.  All the best my friend.


  8. Happy Birthday! 🥳

  9. Happy Birthday Eli!


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  10. Happy Birthday @Elisel *hugs*

    I hope it is 


    excellent bill and ted GIF by IFC



  11. Happy birthday :)

  12. Happy Birthday! 


    Have a good day :)

  13. Happy Birthday, Eli!!!
    Hope the day is amazing n' full of joy. ^-^

  14. Have a very happy birthday ❤️ 


    Happy Clapping GIF

    1. Elisel


      Thank you dear Azi *hugs*

  15. Happy Birthday Hippy.   Hope it is wonderful!!!!