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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums! Thanks for taking the time to fill out an app. Best of luck with the process.
  2. Hello @SlashRank - welcome to the forums. Thanks for taking the time to fill out an app.
  3. Hello and welcome @Havok2911 - best of luck with the application!
  4. Happy Birthday!  You are awesome!

  5. Happy B

    1. Elisel


      Whoops, meant that to be Happy Birthday lol hope it was great

    2. cyberchp


      thank you! It was great!


  6. Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday Birthday Twin!

  9. Happy Birthday @sabertooth - hope you are doing well!

    1. sabertooth


      Thanks Elisel I appreciate it.

  10. Happy Birthday!  Hope it is amazing :)

    1. Acies


      Hey! Thanks my friend, it's shaping up to be a good year ahead!

  11. Happy Birthday!  So glad you found us!

    1. Sildras Telvanni

      Sildras Telvanni

      Thanks so much @Elisel! Truly the best community I could have hoped for. You and so many others breathe life back into one of my greatest sources of joy. Thank you for everything you do, Elisel. :)

  12. Elisel

    Happy Birthday @Nyx!


    Hope it is amazing!  Thank you for all you do for us

    1. Nyx


      Thank you, Eli! ❤️ That means a lot to me. :)

  13. Happy Happy Birthday @Annamika


    Thank you for all you do!

  14. magsorc, zen dk, healplar, healden, (I have clears on multiple characters so whom I bring is totally up to RL) Also, always glad to sit especially for those new
  15. So sorry I missed wishing you happy day yesterday


    Hope it was amazing!  Appreciate all you do for our community and SWTOR!

  16. Happy Birthday @Shant


    Miss you!

    1. Shant


      Thank you very much Eli!

      Haven't been on here much, but i appreciate you taking your time  to give me your best wishes. :) 

    2. Elisel


      Hope you are doing well and staying safe and healthy!

  17. Happy Birthday!  You will always be my Empress ❤️

  18. Happy Birthday @Stargirl - how are you doing??!!

  19. Happy Birthday!! You are awesome.  Glad you are here.


    1. Slyfox


      Thank you goat girl :D  ❤️ 

  20. Happy Birthday!!!  I appreciate you so much and so glad you are a part of our community!

  21. I hope your birthday was as fabulous as you!!!

  22. Hope your birthday was amazing. 

  23. Happy Birthday!!!

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