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  1. It is! They tend to get extremely detailed with their patch notes, especially since this one is a major content patch.
  2. Check out the patch notes! The Wreath of Snakes, Orbonne Monastery and Blue Mage! So many things to get excited for. Also, a buff for all you Monk, Machinist and White Mage players out there!
  3. When you get back, we have a date with Alphascape!
  4. Me and a biker-friend from Balmung just enjoying our time in Eureka Pyros.
  5. Waiting for a FATE to spawn with my Fat Chocobo.
  6. The exciting life of Aletreus through his many adventures in Eorzea.
  7. Here's a list of resources that I commonly use for Final Fantasy XIV. Jobs The Balance: This is a tremendous resource when you're learning to min/max your job. Not only do they provide guides on individual jobs, but they also provide guides for endgame fights. Definitely use this for all your theorycrafting needs. You can also check out their Discord and ask questions. The Moogle Post: Not as popular as they were in the past since some drama occurred, The Moogle Post still has some great guides to get a basic feel for a job. They also have some great articles to help you take those epic screenshots that make everyone else jealous. A Master Beginner's Guide to Final Fantasy XIV: A great resource for some of the basics. Beginner's Job Overview: A good guide for those starting the game. Ever wonder what job you should choose? Take a look at this. Crafting FFXIV Guild: A tremendous resource to help you level from 1 to 70 with any crafting or gathering job. Database Ariyala's Final Fantasy XIV Toolkit: This is probably the most widely used resource for anyone doing endgame. Whether it be raiding, crafting or gathering, check this place out. XIVDB: The standard Final Fantasy XIV database. A great site for basic information on quests, levequests , items, FATES and mobs. Garland Tools Database: Another database that just has some nice features. Make lists of the things you want or need. FF14 Angler: This is the best resource for anything fishing-related in Final Fantasy XIV. Check it out if you're an angler or an aspiring angler! Endgame MTQCapture: A great compendium of videos for trials and savage fights. She also has terrible puns, which makes this a must-watch. Mister Happy: Another great compendium of videos for endgame fights. He also has a rather entertaining Twitch stream for both Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI. Miscellaneous FFLogs: The repository of logs for raiders. Upload your log here and see how you compare with other players. FFXIV Roleplayers: A great place to meet up with other roleplayers for every server. Eureka Tracker: If you're in Eureka, this is a must. Eorzea Collection: For those looking to get into the true endgame, Eorzea Collection has it all. Get some Glamour tips from other players, or post some of your own screenshots. Did I miss anything? What do you use and what should be added to this list?
  8. Meet Louhi, the big bad in Eureka Pagos.
  9. Another big bad in Eureka Pyros. Lots of death followed this screenshot!
  10. The things we do when we wait for spawns in Eureka.
  11. Meet Penthesilea, the big bad of Eureka Pyros.
  12. Sorry to see you go! I hope we can get this resolved soon so we can continue to move forward as a free company.