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  1. Hey hey, I was out of town and thus missed wishing you a very Happy Birthday on your birthday.  So sorry - hope it was great and that you are doing well!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Armaros

    Corrupted Breach Runs!

    We will gather at a TBD location once we establish the level range (recommend 25+ with Azoth Staff unlocked) of those interested in going. We will also decide if we want to run these as PvE vs PvP before departing. The official event will run for 2 hours, but those who wish to continue after 9p EST may do so. Come join the fun, earn some easy Azoth, get some gear, and corrupted slivers!
  4. Happy Birthday @Armaros!  Hope  is amazing and you are doing well!

  5. Jesse!! Happy Birthday, dude!!

  6. Have a wonderful birthday Armaros!


    The Elder Council

  7. Happy Birthday @Armaros!!!!!  Hope it is amazing and hope you are well! - Miss you!!

  8. Happy birthday!

  9. tenor.gif?itemid=5488482


    Hope it's a great one, @Armaros! ❤️ 

  10. Happy birthday, @Armaros, and thanks for the work you did on the EC! Many happy returns.

  11. Happy Birthday @Armaros!  Hope you have a great day. :)


    happy birthday GIF

  12. Happy Birthday! Have a great day bud :) 

  13. For those who may be concerned:


    I'm still here. Though I haven't been active in any of our divisional games its not due to the community; its due to my personal life/time available to play. I'm in my final semester of college if all goes well *knock on wood* and that is my main focus right now. I intend to be back and more active once the semester is more underway and I'm comfortable with my schedule. Until then, I'll keep to my forum stalking from time to time and try to stay in touch with those who care to reach out. Take care!

    1. Jae Onasi
    2. Elisel


      Good luck Jesse!! Looking forward to you  owning the college boss and getting back to us in gaming.  We have lots to explore in ESO when you do. Murkmire, Elsweyr and more. 

  14. Armaros

    Community Meeting

    Join us in welcoming your new High Elder during the Community Meeting!
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