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  1. Rain Cloud

    GW2 Beginner's Raid


    Signing up for raid
  2. Is strike team full? Never been.

    1. Pupp


      You'll wanna contact @Barandar about strike teams. He runs it nowadays :)

    2. Barandar


      Hey @Rain Cloud! There's always room for Strikes, so feel free to join us next time. Every Thursday at 9pm EST.  :)

  3. Would love to help with housing and fashion, will have to work out something with my work schedule., so I guess I am volunteering.  

    1. Daizey


      Awesome!  I'll reach out to you through PM and we can chat when you're available :)

  4. Would be nice to have more peeps join us, I find that I am playing mostly by myself.
  5. Hello from Dark and Light. We have pumpkins! And candy that changes you!!! Come help us kill the werewolf.........scary.....  maahaha.

    Happy Halloween to all and to all a scary nite.

  6. Ark loves Wussies LOL It eats them alive!!!
  7. Sweet a thread for Dragon lovers!!! Thanks to all for creating something for ARK players
  8. I have read this and agree to all content./sign Rain Cloud (Logan in TS)
  9. Salutations! My name in game is Rain Cloud and my alts name is Rain Virga, (virga is a name for a cloud formation). If you hear the name Logan in Team Speak that's me. I am a Registered Nurse and I work full time night shift so you will not see me Thur., Friday, or Sat nights (sad face). I have 2 cats, Tempest and Ashes, one horse (Cactus) and one significant other who plays World of Warcraft. I live in Lander Wyoming, a little town just south of the Shoshone Reservation. I have 3 children all grown and gone. I have played MOM's for six years and loved every minute. Most of my characters are healers, (giggle wonder why?). Thank you all for letting me be a part of your family (love that!!). Hope to see you in game and get acquainted will all of you.

    1. Aravail


      Nice to meet you Rain Cloud, welcome to RoH!

    2. Rain Cloud

      Rain Cloud

      Nice to meet you too Aravail. it has been a great few days getting to know you all.