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  1. Favourite animes

    Iskander is among my absolute favorites for anime characters! Loved the Fate Zero. Also Fate Stay/Night Unlimited Blade works! The first Fate Stay/Night was interesting, but those two beat it out completely! As for others that I enjoyed, I'll always put Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood at the top of my list Also have to put in Log Horizon. Used to enjoy Sword Art Online, but I feel that show deviated too far from the original premise.
  2. So... I have to do it. While people make great things in the workshop for ships and bases, I... I want to learn more. Like how my ship with 8 thrusters isn't going the full speed it can, while another ship someone else designed with just 2 thrusters can get to max speed with no issues. It's not making much sense to me. I've tried to find different algorithms to try and work with, but... nothing! Either no one's posted them anywhere or someone just created a calculator without explaining the formula! It's maddening! So please, I need help learning these things so I can make a ship that flies properly and goes full speed with the design I want to make!

    My early game cap ship, just a quick screenshot. I've got her near the Akua Moon on the creative server if you want to check her out.

    @Chaos Awesome! All I've designed by myself is this little shuttlecraft for early game, as well as help designing a small fighter interceptor. Nothing I have that's public, but I can see about getting some pics for them. Along with my early game cap ship.

    Creative server? *eyes light up*
  6. Didn't know you had a server! Anyone here like to design ships? Also hello!
  7. Seriously Frustrated.

    And there you find one of the main things with Paradox games. Their tutorials are bare bones, here's the basics sort of thing. To learn how to play the game effectively, you go to people that are veterans and ask questions, go to youtube for how-to videos, and learn from experience. The missiles things, I learned about from a youtube video. The weapons combinations, I learned through experience. We're the vets, ask the questions and we shall answer!
  8. Seriously Frustrated.

    To add on to what KalianVan said, definitely need to eye what sort of ships you're making and what they're making as well. I personally like the standard kinetic cannons backed up by either missiles for long range or energy plasma cannons for pulverizing their hulls once the shields are down. And I often try to balance the shields and armor. Another warning for missiles, when a target is destroyed, if another one is within re-target range they can go that one instead. Key words are re-target range, as when the target is destroyed and there aren't any other targets to go after in range, they'll drop. So they do have a DPS drop with them. Personal opinion, but I don't see missiles as a good primary weapon, only as a secondary.
  9. Community Campaign

    So I have sad news. Due to life getting in the way as always, I'm unable to join tonight, unless we want to push it back further to 11 pm EST. Was really looking forward to this, so my apologies.
  10. I just noticed your signature... I'm honored to know my punanigans were worthy of such praise! (not sarcasm, I think it's amazing!)

    1. Deyna


      haha, if I see something quote worthy in chat its usually my new signature for a time!  :D enjoy the seat of honor until you get ousted.

  11. Community Campaign

    I'm free the entire day, usually.
  12. Yo

    @Tyrtaeus Just because you said that, I'm now strongly considering my pure military empire to vassalize you! MWAHAHAHA! *Reptilian eyes gleam out from the darkness*
  13. All depends on my race. The reptilian Tortega Star Imperium don't give two credits about making friends. Only vassalizing and conquering. The fungal stalks of the Fubralav Directorate like friends.. and SCIENCE!
  14. I... honestly, any time I've fought against them, I've pounded their bloody faces in because I know how to make AI alliances! Or I was so strong at the time I could take them on one on one!
  15. Stellaris styles

    So... I thought I'd start us off by talking about... Favorite styles of play! I like the military/science route. Beat the crap out of people with my militarized flasks! Or shoot out my new flasks from large cannons! What's your favored style of play? Discuss!

Congratulations to Siscia, Vil, Nightmare, & Shellflare on being the chosen Members of the Month for March 2018 for their primary divisions!

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