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  1. Matatomi

    Group/Guild Photo

    I'm still at work, too. *sighs.*
  2. Matatomi

    Naming Convention Help

    Julius Namius? Julius Junius? Julius Manius?
  3. Matatomi

    Extreme Primal Run Nights

    THIS POST IS VERY PINK! But not like hot pink, so it is forgiven!
  4. Matatomi


    HA! My other characters are on Brynhildr, so same data center now!
  5. Matatomi


    Aye. Trials are just short 8 man dungeons, really. Really short.
  6. Matatomi


    One of the things I can recommend is if you're just recently reached 50 you can run the hard modes variations as well as a couple of specific dungeons to get Allagan Tomestones. You can use those to get Ironworks gear which is lvl 120, should do the job for extreme, as well as push you up through at least part of Heavensward. So maybe can do some sort of progression trial set up, getting the tomestones for people to get those sets.
  7. Matatomi


    The primals are fun fights at extreme! Get some allagan tomestones, good drops, and fun mechanics!
  8. Matatomi

    Beginner RP -Tavern RP!


    Aye! ONce more I shall attempt to be there, but as I said my laptop can barely run the thing while at work.
  9. Matatomi

    Beginner RP


    Alright, so it does sort of work, though laggy because crappy laptop. So, hopefully I should be there tonight, barring the computer doesn't fry itself or work isn't busy.
  10. Matatomi

    Till Sea Swallows All Part 3.

    *Is bouncy up and down in chair with excitement.*
  11. Matatomi

    Beginner RP


    Looks like less than an hour, now! Then I'll probably pop in, adjust the graphics to lowest, and see how it plays. Hoping it doesn't fry the poor thing.
  12. Matatomi

    Beginner RP


    FF14 is updating on my laptop now. So hopefully if all goes well I'll be ready for the event tomorrow. It has been fighting me all morning, though.
  13. Matatomi

    Beginner RP


    ... I'm going to have to download FF14 on my laptop, aren't I?
  14. Matatomi

    Forum RP!

    A light haired Duskwight sat a table off to the side from everyone else, cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other. Her hair fell past her shoulders in a tussled mess, like she'd forgotten to brush it this morning. White woolen robes were little different from her hair, creased as if she'd never bothered to lay them out properly. With a sigh she flipped a page, oblivious to the world, and to the tall Wood Wailer that approached her. "Oi, shouldn't you be back off in your woods and cave, by now?" The spear armed Elezen hassled her. That made the girl start and quickly look up. And up. "Oh, and shouldn't you be back to your guards post, or your mug?" The faintest of smiles tugged at the corners of her lips.

Congratulations to Marjevante & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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