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  1. I haven't voted yet since it's been a while since I've played, but I do want to point out that I just swapped characters from Brynhildr to Malboro. Brynhildr is not a bad spot, it's not too low in population but I've never been in a queue for logging into the server before, either. I cannot say anything about Malboro, as I haven't checked out the server yet. Only went there because of a good friend of mine that has that as his main server.
  2. Alright, I'm finally joining in on this! I go by Matatomi or Yoshi online, but I'm definitely not Asian. 28 year old male, and I bounce around a lot for gaming, though usually sticking to either MMORPGs or strategy games. I work at a call center, handling customers of several different internet and phone companies. My experience with relationships is very limited, as I have issues just getting into them to begin with. I also enjoy RP, I have characters on SWTOR and GW2 that have developed backstories, while ESO is still a work in progress (For a long time... I get lazy.) Anyway, usually I'm on here, and I also tend to reply quickly on Discord even if I seem to be invisible. If my name is called, I tend to come running! So if anyone wants to chat chances are I'm available because somehow I'm always on a computer somewhere!
  3. These have been around since Final Fantasy Tactics, so not a new Final Fantasy race. But I agree, it feels like they just stuck a pair of bunny ears on them and gave them legs for days.
  4. Hmm... so the wiki says that there are potentially male viera, but they are extremely secretive and never show themselves due to their extreme competitiveness for resources. So they stay in male only settlements and only make contact when absolutely necessary. Also, this is the exact outfit Fran wore in Final Fantasy 12, looks like.
  5. @Rokoshy In that case a multiplayer game could be good to learn with, since you'll have friends that might vassalize you and then take you under their wing and teach you better ways to play! Out of that list I would probably recommend Endless Legends. Or Endless Space 2. I find both of those are so unique in their style and play that they would be marvelous for it. They're not too complex, each race has their own story, and you have options to customize your units to fit your play style. Once again I most likely will not be able to join but those are my recommendations.
  6. @JahMuse That's fine! And I'd love to hang and watch you build things. I need to learn more techniques because I'm having a hell of a time trying to design a warp SV that follows the type of design I want. I find designing CVs a lot easier than SVs.
  7. Day 4: I'm running this little base on biofuels. Biofuels. Because there doesn't seem to be any good energy sources around for miles. I will continue to search, but this will take time. My motorcycle can only do so much. I've hunted some of the creatures here for food. And as always if it's a planet with a nice breathable atmosphere it's got spiders. Screaming at you as they charge you in groups. My shotgun certainly gets a lot of use. The plant life here is interesting, as well. Grains, very weird vegetable things, some sort of strange moss... anyway, I need to go out and get some more fuel. This is getting tedious.
  8. Today, my escape pod landed on this vast temperate planet known as Irtine. I've been looking around, getting resources to survive. And for some reason... THERE'S NO SILICON ANYWHERE! *Throws journal out past the tent, then quickly runs out to grab it before something decides to eat it.* OOC: I've started up on Irtine, trying to get established. So come join me! And if you can find some silicon rocks, even better!
  9. @Jahmuse Server is back up again, I'll be hopping into it in the next few days and getting started on establishing a base. Won't be pretty, though! I don't do pretty! @Ereosa I've spotted it on again in the list so in a small repeat of my last sentence I shall commence emergency landing procedures within the week! With the new updates can perhaps start dragging people back in again! MWAHAHA!
  10. My issue is that I simply can't join in on anything due to my schedule. If it's not me working until 9 pm MST it's other late evening obligations on the two days that I don't work. However, I do enjoy seeing the posts and reading about the things that happen in the multiplayer games, though!
  11. I have to admit, the updates are looking good so far. I'm still experimenting and checking things out, but they've added some really nice things. It now feels more like a survival game than it did before, there are actual quests you can do for the 3 main factions, commerce I think is now officially a thing, though I haven't yet checked to see if money is actually now being used. And the planets... they are beautiful! I haven't gotten off the starting one but I've gone through most of the biomes on it, and they are just amazing! Also, lots of ruins, lots of spiders. A lot of spiders. Tons of the little creepy screeching leggy... annoyances. Animals are particular to different biomes as well. Spiders are everywhere, thought. EVERYWHERE! But anyway, might be a good idea to make sure there are more than just myself and one other person willing to play before booting the server back up again. But I'm glad you replied!
  12. So it's been a while, I'm curious if folks still play on the server, or if the server is still active. I'm not finding it in the filter so I don't know what that means in this case. Tagging @Ereosa
  13. We have folks that still play on them? Just reinstalled the game again, wanting to hop in and check out the new stuff.
  14. Good luck to all those that apply! You got this!
  15. I won't be able to be there due to already scheduled stuff. Hope good things happen, though! Also, random update, I shall be able to start playing FF14 again here very soon. New laptop is in, and my desktop will be repaired (Hopefully) on Sunday.

Congratulations to Kingston75, Katalaw, Stormtree & DoohickeyJones on being chosen Members of the Month for June for their primary divisions!

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