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  1. I actually managed to convince myself to dive into ranked. Played two matches. First match I was overwhelmed by eco raiding and felt paralyzed, lost it. Second one had me using spears and archers for early game rush, but turned into driving off cav left and right. Eventually ended with me killing some cav archers before he could get within range and then surrendering after stating he was starved out. After the match I saw the map, he had so much untapped wood on his side and a market to use. I honestly think he just saw how good the Britons longbow is and couldn't see a way to beat it with my pikes in the way. Overall, I think a good start to my ranked journey.
  2. @Coolluminati16 I bought the game, haven't done much with it yet, though. Never been good at it, but it's definitely fun going through the campaigns.
  3. I've been debating on giving it a try, myself. Been watching competitive stuff for it, and it certainly has fixed some of the old issues and applied new QOL stuff. So far all of it looks amazing!
  4. I think that invite is invalid, can you link it again, please? @Visucius
  5. Howdy there, folks! Just wondering if there's anyone still playing the game? I've been on the last few nights but haven't seen much chatter (Or indeed anyone) on in the linkshell.
  6. @Chelly Heh! I'm still working my way through the Delta Quadrant expansion.
  7. With me watching DS9 for the 3rd or 4th time within 2 years, plus with this sudden upsurge, I redownloaded the game last night. Not sure when I'll be available during the weekend to play, however.
  8. @Serenitee I believe the main reason is because you physically cannot be in the FC if you're on a different server. I can visit Malboro from Balmung, but I cannot join the FC officially. Now, there are ways around this, creating an FC for each server we have folks on, but then you cannot use guild chat to chat with others from the different servers, you have to use the cross-server linkshell. And if I recall correctly, that will only work for so long before we max out the number of people that we can have on said linkshell. We could make a second one, but that would still cut people off from each other in game. That's how I understand it, at least. If I'm wrong about any of this, or folks have other suggestions that might make it possible, I recommend folks speak up.
  9. @Daliluin I like! It's a bit generic, but not too much so, I think! Wonder if Liluin may have run into Faiyone at some point in the Twelveswood?
  10. Wow, that's just bad luck, there. May have to restart this one, as it's no fun if at least one of the players is forced out of the game so early. And apologies for not being there to make more people.
  11. Sounds like it's time for another get together, then! Sadly I wasn't able to join, but I can try to put something in here to keep things rolling? Faiyone's duskwright heritage keeps her isolated, making her not the most social of people. Preferring to spend time by herself she can usually be found deep in the Twelveswood hunting and just living. However, you can't get all necessities from the wild if you wish to live at least somewhat civilized, so she has to trade with others at local small outposts. Even rarer is when she has to go to a major hub to buy and sell her goods, but due to the massive bias against her kind in Gridania she tends to make her way across Thanalan to Ul'Dah to do this. You can imagine the heat beating down on her. Of course, because of the nature of the people of Ul'Dah her temper tends to flare up more often than not, and has to be occasionally restrained from punting a Lalafel merchant.
  12. Just a reminder, if you haven't played through the story yet, there are certain parts to avoid in the book if you don't want any spoilers.
  13. I've just recently started to try and get into Age of Empires 3 multiplayer. Key word here is try, because I'm shaking in my knees to convince myself to actually get into a match that isn't with a friend facing off against AI! I thought I'd mention it here in case there are others that play or have been interested in playing it! Ensemble Studios Online account name is Matatomi.
  14. @Vedian Should get them anyway, because they're worth it!
  15. Very true. If you need more than one, then you're probably not doing something right. Either that or the population just hates you that much!
  16. *Starts rummaging through his RP supplies for the required WD40.* The great news about the RP, which was another thing that was having some serious issues, is that now we have the world visiting system. In other words, for any RP events we can just pop on over to Balmung or Mateus. Unless you're already in Balmung or Mateus. And yes, if you're an RPer, you always have some spare WD40, duct tape, and all manner of random bits and bobs for any occasion !
  17. I'll be honest, I'm not on Mateus anymore. I discovered that Balmung has been downgraded from a congested server to a standard server, and I immediately went "I'm going in!" And transferred. So I have my three on Malboro, and I have my one on Balmung. I just don't play enough in general, though. At least for now.
  18. I HAVE THEM ALL! And I've barely got the chance to really use the latest one due to my current game having no dig sites nearby. If I want them, I have to conquer someone.
  19. I'm usually good for Saturdays, just a matter of the timing at that point.
  20. Hmm... suggestions... first off, hi again, Triss! Second off, I can potentially suggest Cards Against Humanity. I know that's a game not for everyone, but it's a great way to get together and have some laughs with some of the best (And worst) the game has to offer!
  21. I'll go ahead and put my two cents in. Sunday through Thursday I work 1 pm to 9 pm MST, usually can't get on until 10 pm. Fridays and Saturdays I'm usually available until 4 pm, and then once more I'm occupied until around 10 pm, all in MST. This does make it difficult for me to join any sessions, but just in case that's my schedule. :)
  22. My issue is that I'm not available during your normal times. I'm not usually available to play until after midnight EST most days. Unless can do something in the early afternoon on Fridays or Saturdays. Still, this particular game of Stellaris sounds exceedingly fun!
  23. *Cries!* Now I truly wish I could join in! This looks like too much fun!
  24. ... I got the pdf for that. Now I need to buy the physical copies.