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    High energy, high stakes EDM producer, political & gaming moderate, anime lover

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    Lydia Servius, Carpatia Servius, Fabia Servius, Petronia Servius, Aurelia Servius, Novia Servius, Cornelius Servius, Cyrus Servius, Gallio Servius, Krewe Chief Perra, Savant Cira, Magnus the Silent, Vika the Sly, Coretta of Noon, Caius Dexion, Gala Swordsplitter, Cispia Gearstorm, Aganra Destrovo, Emrys of Noon, Princeps Zigg, Caroline the Wicked, Insurrectionist Iir, Protector Rhaile, Chemist Fannox
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  1. ShogunTaira

    Looking For Group

    Shogun#12663 Overwatch Most afternoons and late evenings, Pacific time Currently, I am mid Master in Overwatch and playing on a semi-pro team. I'm also beginning to stream my Overwatch competitive games, so be sure to like, comment and subscribe my doods.
  2. ShogunTaira

    What's your favorite Farm Layout?

    Nothing beats the standard layout. Maximum space, no obstacles to make walking tedious and good balance between all resources.
  3. Happy belated birthday!!

  4. Hey, I missed your birthday yesterday.  😕


    I hope you had a great day and belated Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday, @ShogunTaira!



  6. Happy Birthday, fella.  :)

    1. ShogunTaira


      Thank you, mate!

  7. 06f3523402b0a4cffb6de2af6faf1d03.jpg


    Hope it's a great one, @ShogunTaira!

    1. ShogunTaira



      Thanks for the birthday wish, though.

  8. ShogunTaira

    Multiplayer Game

    I'm working all of July and into mid August, so no games for me
  9. ShogunTaira

    Master Tag List

    Absolutely put me down for Total War and Civ.
  10. I'm taking up a new system regarding my expanded universe of GW2 characters.


    I'm hitting reset on current relations with existing characters and not devoting any of my characters to RP until all of their bios are fleshed out and finalized. Once that's done, I'm going through each character's arc, bouncing from toon to toon in a "Mortal Combat X" format where the story highlights different characters as the main storyline progresses.


    In terms of guild RP, I'll still contribute in some fashion, but the focus will be on my personal plots.

  11. ShogunTaira

    Favourite animes

    The most prevalent ones I've watched include: Cowboy Bebop Kill la Kill Toradora! The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Clannad There's a number more that I can't remember off the top of my head, but you could classify me as a mainstream anime casual, to put it lightly.
  12. ShogunTaira


    4X stands for eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate: the four things you'll be doing at all times. A micromanager's wet dream, basically.
  13. ShogunTaira


    As someone who's played Stellaris a fair amount since launch, I think I have the most amount of coverage with it. Super general tips: Think of the game's pace like the Civilization series, but noticeably more complex and realtime. It's okay to be bleeding resources sometimes. SOMETIMES. In times of peace, prepare for war. No seriously, everyone else does it; join the cool kids. I'll post more specific tips when my weekend isn't trying to kill me.

Congratulations to Marjevante & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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