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  1. I'm taking up a new system regarding my expanded universe of GW2 characters.


    I'm hitting reset on current relations with existing characters and not devoting any of my characters to RP until all of their bios are fleshed out and finalized. Once that's done, I'm going through each character's arc, bouncing from toon to toon in a "Mortal Combat X" format where the story highlights different characters as the main storyline progresses.


    In terms of guild RP, I'll still contribute in some fashion, but the focus will be on my personal plots.

  2. Favourite animes

    The most prevalent ones I've watched include: Cowboy Bebop Kill la Kill Toradora! The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Clannad There's a number more that I can't remember off the top of my head, but you could classify me as a mainstream anime casual, to put it lightly.
  3. Yo

    4X stands for eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate: the four things you'll be doing at all times. A micromanager's wet dream, basically.
  4. Yo

    As someone who's played Stellaris a fair amount since launch, I think I have the most amount of coverage with it. Super general tips: Think of the game's pace like the Civilization series, but noticeably more complex and realtime. It's okay to be bleeding resources sometimes. SOMETIMES. In times of peace, prepare for war. No seriously, everyone else does it; join the cool kids. I'll post more specific tips when my weekend isn't trying to kill me.
  5. Stellaris styles

    Favored play style for me is a sort of step-by-step, "every decision is a "civilization-changing event". I roleplay as best I can with my race and take it as realistic as possible. Almost every time, my empires are xenophilic. Sometimes they'll also be spiritual or pacifist, in which case I'd play to try and subtly convert everyone to my perfect religion. Everyone is safe on our worlds - but you'd better bow a knee or else >:D
  6. Happy birthoftheday! :D

    1. Emma


      Thank you much Mr. Taira!!

  7. Happy birthday n' stuff! :D

  8. Pretend this brthday message came yesterday! Happy birthday! :D

    1. Shant


      Thanks anyways Shogun, i know you're a busy guy haha.

  9. Be advised GW2: Most of San Jose suffered so bad from this heat wave that the power in most buildings are out. We haven't been given an ETA on when it'll be fixed but for the time being, you won't see me at all in game for a short time. I'll still be on the forums though! :D

    1. KageSennen


      Ok 😊

      Stay safe Shogun! I hope that your power gets restored soon 😊

  10. Well it's about time!  :IMG_3735:



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      That happens when you get busy and it's something you enjoy doing.  I can't believe how quick these weeks go by where I work at. 

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    4. Slailie
  12. @Slailie Happy birthday,, Slailie! :D

  13. Happy birthday buddy, wherever you might be! :D

    1. Jonathon


      I know the feeling Shogun. How many friends have come and gone during the years of playing mmorpgs

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