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    High energy, high stakes EDM producer, political & gaming moderate, anime lover

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    Aelia Servius, Carpatia Servius, Novia Servius, Gallio Servius, Aurelia Servius, Tiberius Servius, Petronia Servius, Fabia Servius, Cornelius Servius, Cirilla Braccia, Brandi Vaccarella, Caius Dexion, Karoline the Wicked, Magnus the Silent, Balki Korvakrsson, Kaia Hvatadottir, Astri the Mountain, Arngeirr the Beast, Pistoleer Slann, Krewe Chief Perra, Princeps Zigg, Savant Cira, Chemist Fannox, Doxx the Progeny, Enforcer Rhaile, Insurrectionist Iir, Sentinel Uissi, Professor Foz, Tamara of Dusk, Cordelia of Dusk, Síaw of Dusk, Emrys of Noon, Coretta of Noon, Eilinora of Noon, Arleen of Night, Vika the Sly, Senara of Dawn, Kalos Than, Tetricus Steelfur, Caelia Steeleye, Avidia Steelblade, Atilius Gearhunter, Cispia Gearstorm, Burrus Fiendtongue
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